CD47 protein may be key to why some people get severe COVID

2021.09.26 05:51 somebody12344 CD47 protein may be key to why some people get severe COVID

CD47 is a protein that signals the body's immune system not to attack. Sars-cov-2 that causes COVID, is covering itself with this protein. So now scientists are figuring out ways to deal with this.
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2021.09.26 05:51 Calm_Cry_5891 20 [M4F] Bay Area/CA/US wanna partake in a mild amount of tomfoolery?

Hi all, thanks for reading this post. I’m Simr and I’m a 20M from CA. I’m looking for something serious, I don’t mind long distance but please be somewhere in the US, preferably on the west coast.
I’d describe myself as introverted, shy (I’m working on it), and lonely. I wish I could escape the loneliness sometimes but I feel like it’s always gonna be a part of me, as dramatic as that sounds.
I’m 6’0, Asian American, and skinny. I have a somewhat brown skin tone.
I’m into writing, reading, drawing, listening to music, and martial arts. I love making and reading comics and I hope to do it professionally one day.
Anyway, wanna partake in a mild amount of tomfoolery?
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2021.09.26 05:51 day1222 Is there a GroupMe for chem 14a Lavalle?

Im so lost on what’s happening
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2021.09.26 05:51 Vunder1005 New death metal musician 2021

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2021.09.26 05:51 Able_Seat4986 Is my mom a horrible person for this?

So when I was younger, my parents got divorced and she never let my dad come to my birthday parties, football games, school activities, anything related to my life. So eventually my dad just gave up, his efforts went out the window, he stopped caring about my interest. Now I’m older and wish to have a bond with him but he just doesn’t care anymore. My mom still hates my dad, never wants me to hangout with him and is a bitter, hate filled person, who will make anyone who crossed her life’s a living hell.
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2021.09.26 05:51 Max_Payne1965 The only thing that's changed is that people don't consider me "liberal" for my beliefs anymore

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2021.09.26 05:51 Wickedslife You can totally do 1 extra small slot in the farm base in the valley

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2021.09.26 05:51 dinnerlover Let's rename this sub to OldPeoplePics since Boomers and 65+ People use reddit now.

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2021.09.26 05:51 Smakx CYLER - holy

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2021.09.26 05:51 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 05:51 aminok dYdX, a DEX on Ethereum L2, is seeing market depth approach that of largest centralized exchanges

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2021.09.26 05:51 BadWinter3256 Be the better candidate. How?

Hi, I’ve recently applied for Costco around two weeks ago. I worked my ass off on the application, however I did notice I did not put any phone numbers from my previous employers. That was the only thing I did not put. Everything else was spot on and double checked everything before submitting. Am I done for? And if not, can I go in person and ask about a job opportunity? Thank you.
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2021.09.26 05:51 lastingunreliable –dontsayaword-0800 01

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2021.09.26 05:51 BushBann76 Big 3 coming 🔜🤫🔥

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2021.09.26 05:51 belloitsme probably my smartest sdv moment

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2021.09.26 05:51 throwitawayinRVA 30 [M4F] #Knoxville TN - Can dating be a thing? Dating should be a thing, right?

For a little bit now, I've been trying to go about this whole thing the wrong way. Somewhere along the line, I figured I could, ya know, eat my way into peoples' hearts, but apparently most people only think with their genitals when they're solely looking to get off. And maybe I missed the memo, but call me simple for thinking the promise of amazing head on the reg would be a reason for sticking around, but maybe that's just me?
For some reason, that's kinda been my approach, for a -while- now. But apparently most people just kinda hang out and somehow start liking each other, like what? People are weird. Since giving bomb ass head on the first date doesn't seem like an idea of a good time for people looking for something more long-term, so I'm kinda trying other avenues. Unless you're a strange human that likes really good head and you're not shy about receiving it after a short period of friendship (or whatever dynamic, who really knows what anyone's doing anymore)
So uhh. I dunno, I don't know how to be normal. Maybe you also don't know how to be normal and are tired of not dating/fearing exclusion (that's a whole other can of worms, we should probably talk about it). Maybe we can be quarantine buddies and not leave someone's bedroom for the next few years?
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2021.09.26 05:51 Bumbold Perhaps

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2021.09.26 05:51 Wywyate Mammmmmmmmmmmmot

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2021.09.26 05:51 Luscious-Lucien Would love to get my buddy photoshopped into something hilarious! Have at it!

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2021.09.26 05:51 PavkaK Flood - Sept 24, 2021

I’m in a room sitting next to a woman, I recognize her but I don’t remember who she is. Lights are on, we’re flirting, but the next moment we’re no longer in the same room, but a bed, no light, seems like night time, something on the tv as we talk. We go to sleep, or at least I do, and when I wake it seems to be early morning with the sun just breaking, the woman I was with now gone. I’m in a strange building i don’t recognize, it’s like the dorm building I live in, but darker with wider hallways. After leaving my room and wandering down the hall a bit, I can’t find the woman and so return to my room.
Later, sitting in a park by a river with Gabrielle, Charlene, some others from our class, and a group of others I don’t fully recognize. The park is in a city, but in this moment seems quite heavily wooded as if we were in the wilderness. A strange looking moose with smaller, bonier looking antlers walks through the trees. It sees us but continues on it’s way. I am sat by the water on the rocks, a large, shaggy, intimidating wolf slowly approaches from behind & walks up to my brother and I staring us down and sniffing around for what felt like a long time, a few minutes maybe, before slowly walking away with its pack, which I hadn’t noticed as I was trying to keep still in the presence of the larger wolf. This entire time at the river in the wooded park there is a very strange air. Two raggedy old fishermen with long grey beards and hip waders walk by quickly through the water, glancing at us, and then each other, and at us again, as if we weren’t meant to be there, or as if it were a strange place for us to be.
Suddenly the water begins to rise, quickly, but slowly at the same time, flooding the city. The group of us run across the street to an alleyway and into a stairwell to an old pink door with no handle. We try to open it but its locked. The key is in the door, we turn it and pull open the door locking it behind us. Going up the stairs there seem to be no rooms, but there are open windows which we close and lock on the way up, some of the window keys are broken, but we’re able to turn and lock them anyways.
We make it to the top of the building and enter into someone’s apartment, theres no one home, a large sliding glass patio door or window looks out onto the building’s roof, we close and lock it as well, also closing the blinds. The apartment is very cosy, warmly lit, wood floors, a table with grow-lights and dirt, and an assortment of different plants growing. I find sticks of incense and light one, handing it to Gabrielle, Gabrielle handing it off to Rebecca. One of our group picks up a guitar & says to me “can you play something? I can’t play and sing at the same time”. The guitar is tuned very low, sounds like below D. I pick up the guitar and begin to tune.
I wake up. 5:30am.
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2021.09.26 05:51 BeforeOrion Words of wisdom from Rudyard Kipling

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2021.09.26 05:51 llamatheory Align To User Defined MIDI 🎹

Align To User Defined MIDI 🎹 User would be able to drag grey notes in any pattern and have green ones align
I'm wondering if there is a patch or a plugin ─ not "swing" or "snap to 1/16th" note etc ─ that allows you to snap to a user defined "ghost pattern".
A user on this forum asks a similar question here and he might do a more succinct job of describing it
You would first define any rhythm with the first pattern you play, then define the tonality of the aforementioned rhythm with the second pattern.
One workaround is to do this one note at a time but its impractical and interrupts workflow.
Maybe someone here knows how to automate this otherwise time-consuming note alignment process
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2021.09.26 05:51 iareamisme podcast viewability

just got covid. thinking since the passing, the podcasts of norm and celebreties such as jerry and jim carey would be easier to access. i wonder, has anyone a good idea of where to watch these pieces? b great to watch the entire podcasts while i lay on my deathbed. . .
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2021.09.26 05:51 throw_away4835 Is the health science program OSAP approved?

I only started researching about McMaster so I don’t know much about this, any information about McMaster and their health system helps
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2021.09.26 05:51 RatchetIsScratching *NEW* [PC] Gen Apocalypse 31 | DeerIsle | Loot+ | 25k Start | Custom Traders | PVP | Discord

꧁ Welcome to Gen Apocalypse 31 ! ꧂ We are still a BRAND NEW server !
Do you like to play on a server long time ? Then come join us ! Our style is to not wipe the server that often, only when needed such as when server is crashing alot or having issues starting. Otherwise feel free to start a long journey on our server. Build a base, create a faction together with your friends and go at war with your enemy or your alliance enemy! There is custom traders aswell, South and North trader is SAFEZONES, Blackmarket is not an Safezone and players can be killed in the area. Dont worry ! we have also set up an sweet custom blackmarket with defenses and much more to keep you protected from others... Since we are a NEW server we are always up for any tips or ideas to the server. We let the whole comunnity decide and vote together when there's a request thats making a noticeable change in the server. Anyways give it a try and check us out! I hope to see you soon in-game ! Thanks from Gen Apocalypse 31
If you bring 2 friends to the server we will reward you with 30K in-game.
\\\\\\ \\\\\\ \\\\\\ \\\\\\ \\\\\\ \\\\\\ \\\\\\ \\\\\\ \\\\\\ \\\\\\ \\\\\\
✓Server Name: NEW Gen Apocalypse 31
✓Server IP:
✓Server Map: Deerisle
• Fully PVP & PVE
• 25K Starter money
• Boosted Loot+
• Custom Weapon Mods+
• Custom Clothing & Armor Mods+
• Custom Traders With SafeZones
• Blackmarket Without SafeZone
• Custom Made Blackmarket
• Custom Airdrops
• 3PP & 1PP
• Custom Trucks & Vehicles
• Toxic Zones
• Breaching Charge & Code Lock
• zSpawnSelection
• Cannabis+
• Weapon Scopes & Attachments+
• Vehicle Keys
•& Much More !
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