My paternal side vs my maternal side. Take a guess who everyone thinks I look like

2021.09.26 04:53 wumboing24 My paternal side vs my maternal side. Take a guess who everyone thinks I look like

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2021.09.26 04:53 that_one_animes hitler plays lunchball

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2021.09.26 04:53 j-u-s-t-f-o-r-u Hello New Traders

Use my Referral Code: PHNXCWXT
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2021.09.26 04:53 mashwillnotfly RT Podcast where they talk about Jeremy Clarkson getting fired?

Had gus and burnie in it for sure
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2021.09.26 04:53 Agitated-Pair-3922 Support

I have a lot of traumatic experiences that I could use therapy for but my current issue is marital related, feelings of inadequacy, feeling like I’m always at fault in the relationship, and feeling lonely. I feel I need support in the form of someone that I can confide in.
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2021.09.26 04:53 Flyallright228 Will melty blood have consistent 500 plus players on average?

As far as steam charts go
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2021.09.26 04:53 showmeallyourbunnies Rough Collie Drooling ?

I just adopted a 1 year old Rough Collie about 12 hrs ago. He is drooling everywhere and panting a lot. Is he just anxious/upset?
His old family had some major life changes and could no longer look after him. His was well love most of his life but his last few months had a lot of changes. Now he is in a new home and with a new family.
He is an absolute sweet heart and is immediately best friends with my Sheltie. He is obviously pretty anxious about the change but doing well overall. But what is with the drooling? I didn’t think this is common with the breed. He is dripping everywhere. Has anyone seen this?
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2021.09.26 04:53 Whiffle_Ball_boi Scott is a main character in Chicago Party Aunt

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2021.09.26 04:53 WorldController Safer than a shibble lmao

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2021.09.26 04:53 bthiemig I'm pregnant. My husband doesn't want it.

This is my first post here, so I apologize if this is similar to someone else's post.
My husband (29M) and I (27F) have been married since 2014. We have two beautiful boys, one just turned 6 and the other just turned 1.
With my previous two pregnancies I was unable to conceive for a year before the first, and almost two years trying for the second.
I just found out I am pregnant again, about 1.5 years after my second.
This one is not planned, in the slightest, and I am in between a rock and a hard place. I have two healthy kids, both smart and crazy funny. I don't have a problem with keeping this baby.
My husband wants me to abort. I am completely pro choice, I have no problem with it. This is my baby though. I'm already so attached and I just found out a week ago. He keeps guilt tripping me about money, about my confidence being back up after the 2nd and potentially ruining that, about him not being able to do things that he wants when it comes to vehicles, his friends, etc.
I borderline hate him right now.
All he is thinking about is himself and not how this will affect me of I go through with it.
What would you moms do? Any dads out there that have been in similar situations that could help me try to understand?
Thank you so much for reading.
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2021.09.26 04:53 NemesisMasenko Do you consider Mass Effect to be Hard or Soft Scifi?

Just wondering what yall would classify Mass Effect as
View Poll
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2021.09.26 04:53 Ladyballz420 I was told she was worthy...

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2021.09.26 04:53 JeromeGWillikers At what point do I stop taking cultural differences into account with my MIL?

It's a long story so I'm going to chop out a lot of details. My husband is Chinese, I'm white. I have two kids from a prev relationship and was happily single after leaving a bad marriage. This is only relevant because I was already running my family when I met him.
He and I are very very well suited and incredibly happy together. We've been together for 4 years and it's been great. Except for his mother. She has hated me from day 1. She spent the first three years of our relationship viciously trying to break us up and telling his ex wife how much he still loved her, wanted to be with her and even invited his ex wife to go on one of our vacations (I was so upset about that that my MIL chose not to go on said vacation). His mom even acknowledged how much happier he is being with me and how much he's matured but I'm not a pushover and I already had my life running when they came along and she wants to be the head of the household.
Then she found out I was expecting and after 3 years of this kind of behaviour, decided to completely backpedal and be in our lives. I was hormonal and agreed to let her live in an inlaw suite off our house. She promised to respect my boundaries, which I'd laid out explicitly, and said she was just there to enjoy the area we lived in and to retire.
She lied. Soon after the move, she made it clear her sole purpose in life was to raise my baby. She would manipulate, lie, cause arguments, jump right over boundaries and then say I was unreasonable or completely gas light us all of I even reacted slightly negatively to any of it. And worse, she didn't even know how to help with the baby. So I was teaching her as well as recovering from birth and trying to bond and take care of my newborn. She refused to change diapers, refused to help around the house and complained even after having hours a day with my newborn that we didn't give her enough time with him.
After 4 months and a severe decline in my mental health, my husband told her she needed to leave. She moved out and as my mental health improved, I told my husband I wouldn't like to have her in our lives or to have any influence in our kids lives and that he can see her but I'm not interested in ever going through that again - she's made it clear with now 4 years of consistent bat-shit crazy behaviour.
Since then, I've been able to look at this more objectively and I'm struggling to stand my ground. I understand that the Chinese culture is all about rank regardless of merit and I know that she expected to live with her son and be the head of the house and be heavily involved with grandkids.
But none of this was ever really laid out to me. I've always been lied to and manipulated into these realizations. My husband always saw her in a kinder light and was just as shocked as I was about how completely cruel she was towards me.
With movies like crazy rich Asians and such... I'm just struggling not to pity her. This is what she was raised in. And unfortunately getting me as a daughter in law was probably a pretty terrible fate in her eyes. But I know she's been beyond abusive to me and I'm terrified to have her have any space in my life or my kids lives (she would say incredibly inappropriate things to them to try and sour them against me).
So, I just need to know. Can I write off cultural differences when it comes to abusive people? Should I feel this guilty? It's been a good 6 months and I still think about it every day.
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2021.09.26 04:53 cryptoallbot Ethereum 2 vs Solana; Which is better for projects?

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2021.09.26 04:53 baao27 Request: Operations Management: An Integrated Approach, 7th Edition, R. Dan Reid, Nada R. Sanders

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2021.09.26 04:53 momo19933 Há anos a Amusep luta para construir sua sede própria, mas o projeto foi suspenso durante uma crise econômica que atingiu as finanças das prefeituras Por: Redação O Maringá #Amusepganhaapoioparaconstruirsede #construirsuasedeprópria #GutoSilvaprometeapoio

Há anos a Amusep luta para construir sua sede própria, mas o projeto foi suspenso durante uma crise econômica que atingiu as finanças das prefeituras Por: Redação O Maringá #Amusepganhaapoioparaconstruirsede #construirsuasedeprópria #GutoSilvaprometeapoio submitted by momo19933 to jornalomaringa [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 04:53 imwatching-you 17 y/o; 6 weeks of growth. Need advice.

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2021.09.26 04:53 NickL037 Got a new helmet mount today! Check it out!

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2021.09.26 04:53 drakeaskew I’ve never seen anyone talk about this, but it’s always bugged me. Why can’t apple crop the album covers right?

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2021.09.26 04:53 deluxor1 Moving to Little Rock soon, any advice?

I’m very excited to move to Little Rock and experience the outdoors every weekend again! My company is relocating me so I don’t know anyone in the area. All advice is appreciated!
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2021.09.26 04:53 sfb2468 2020 Cantina Terlan Pinot Bianco

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2021.09.26 04:53 cahilljd Suggestions for best ways to setup an indicator of Current Action Set/Layer.

Apart from a touch menu, radial menu or setting my dualsense LED to specific colors per set/layer via "always on" activators, are there any suggestions as to showing what action set/layer is currently active?
Anything on the ideas spectrum from the super obvious to the super outside the box would be appreciated.
My config has a dozen action sets with each having between one and three layers, and I need to know for sure which one I am on at any given time.
It goes without saying that the buily in steam option to have steam overlay display my current action set upon a set/layer change is not functional. It usually works for the first 1-3 action set changes when I've started steam, and then goes silent and stops appearing after that.
My original plan was to use radial menus to navigate between action sets, leaving the large center button of the radial as "empty" and using a custom icon specific to each action set to let me know what's active by looking at the radial overlay.
My experience has been that im unable to create a config with a dozen action sets and a radial on each where the radial overlay does not wind up getting "stuck" on screen in an unresponsive state when activated, and unusable without leaving the action set or going into steam BPM and back. I've tried a few times at this, scouring the internet from reddit to rambletan for solutions, but to date I still haven't been able to get radials or touch menus to do the job for me reliably.
I do use the always on input source in the steam config to set my dualsense led to specific colors per set, but I would really like to be using the LED for indication as to what layer im on within the set as opposed to using it to identify my action sets. There aren't enough colors, or at least my brain can't handle that elaborate a color code index.
Are there other ways I can set up an indicator of my current action set? Thanks for any help and experience yall might share. Bless yall.
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2021.09.26 04:53 TacoFlav0redBuritos Let's just admit it, David Lucas is a bad comic who steals jokes and he can't roast for shit

Let's be real guys, David Lucas sucks. Tony just needs to admit it and kick him off the show. His roasts are horrible.
At this point I think Tony is keeping him on to laugh at him, not at his jokes. It's pathetic
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2021.09.26 04:53 Keltik Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis - That's Amore

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2021.09.26 04:53 Northern_Hunter_4422 American looking for cooeys

I’m an American looking for a cooey .22 bolt action. Any idea why they’re so hard to find on this side of the border?
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