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17F anyone want to get to know eachother?

2021.09.26 06:18 vanillac0kezero 17F anyone want to get to know eachother?

just lonely & want some company! i’ll tell you more about me when we talk. i prefer vc
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2021.09.26 06:18 ParknBark_ Bought a Kia

Hi all! Bought myself a 2018 Kia Optima Hybrid EX with 71k miles from Carvana. Picking it up Thursday morning. Of course I am going to be examining it really carefully and taking it straight to a dealer to have them look it over. Anything I should look out for? What tends to go wrong with these?
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2021.09.26 06:18 Common_Manner1842 Wheel of Fortunes Token. Private sale at 500 TG members.

Wheel of Fortunes Token. Private sale at 500 TG members.

 🎰 🎰 Coming Soon GEM ALERT/GEM ALERT 
Wheel of Fortunes Token 🎲🎰 WFT 🎲🎰 
It starts at 500 tg members! Cycling rewards token, different reward every week!
Tokenomics :
11% rewards 🏅
3% liquidity 🎖
5% marketing 🎉
1% children's charity 🎀
1T total supply 170 billion to be burned before launch
Liquidity will be locked in dxlock Doxxed devs with video/pictures 🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
Currently building an NFT gallery/marketplace 🥰
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2021.09.26 06:18 MicahMei Crushing Discover's cashback bonus

I have never maxed out any of Discover's 5% quarterly categories, but I am on a pace to max out the third quarter restaurant/PayPal bonus*. The note on my August statement made me smile. Card discipline was tight this quarter!
"You've earned $66.39 in 5% cash back so far this quarter!
And you earned another $0.59 in cash back on all other purchases this quarter."
*But yeah, that means I spent way too much money in restaurants. The ultimate objective of all these points and rebates - getting me to spend more.
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2021.09.26 06:18 ColeZaveri Good tutorials for making a Undertale esc dialogue system mid combat

I'm trying to make a game that revolves around having more personal interactions with the encounters you meet. I want to try out different gameplay types. For my first one I'm trying to start with an Undertale style system that displays flavor text in the center, then disappears and shows a window where the game is being played.
I'm new to everything coding and game maker related. Its hard for me to sit down for a 20-40min video due to my adhd. I'm also using Drag and Drop coding.
I'm using GameMaker studio 2, the free version (don't know if there's a paid version)
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2021.09.26 06:18 stwphen-clay [H] transformers collection P2 [W] PayPal

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2021.09.26 06:18 IDONTKNOW_2294847177 [22F]

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2021.09.26 06:18 Sweet-Pin1638 Join Café Le Blanc, an all inclusive gaming community server that has active members and a cozy atmosphere! games include league of legends, valorant, minecraft, roblox, overwatch, stardew valley, and much more. we have activities such as custom games, movie streams!

Join Café Le Blanc, an all inclusive gaming community server that has active members and a cozy atmosphere! games include league of legends, valorant, minecraft, roblox, overwatch, stardew valley, and much more. we have activities such as custom games, movie streams! submitted by Sweet-Pin1638 to DiscordAdvertising [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 06:18 Calm-Ad7638 Tales Of Arise Japanese Dub Walkthrough Part 41 - Mobile Fortress Gradia...

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2021.09.26 06:18 Marzescorner Lego Mario sprites

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2021.09.26 06:18 JustWannaSleepIn 38 [M4F] Illinois (Chicagoland) - Dominant older man looking for his submissive princess.

I’m looking for a certain type of person. One who looks sweet and innocent, but behind closed doors is a good little submissive girl who’s eager to please Daddy. I will in return shower you with affection and attention and be the soothing voice to calm you down when you’re anxious. Please be somewhat local. If we talk and hit it off i would prefer something long term.
About Me:
I am 38. In good shape (I workout 3-4 days a week) salt and pepper hair with a full beard. I take good care of myself. I’m not exactly tall at 5’7 so please be shorter. Educated. I love Hiphop and country music, anything Marvel, and 420. I am not a gamer really but I enjoy playing casually. Also I’m very very kinky.
Hope to hear from you soon babygirl
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2021.09.26 06:18 Flyvelvethero I wish reddit was like this all of the time.

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2021.09.26 06:18 NojoNinja Is the Chapter I snowy area the least demanding FPS wise?

Currently I’m only like 20 minutes into the game, I’m like shooting people at a camp rn. Anyway, I’m playing at 1080p with HUB optimized settings (with DLSS, I seriously don’t mind the sharpening it does using quality btw) and I’m averaging like 110 frames per second. I wouldn’t mind losing some fps to boost my settings but I’m scared the snowy area is the best optimized spot so I’ll boost my settings then actually get into the game and I’ll get horrible fps, so anyway, is the snowy part the least demanding frame wise compared to like the actual open world?
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2021.09.26 06:18 LaPommeDeTerre As our climates continue to change, when should we start to see large migrations of humans move further from the equator and coasts?

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2021.09.26 06:18 ImBoredStudios Here’s something else!

Fun spidey 3 fact! When venom says “my spidey sense is tingling! If ya know what I’m talkin about…” is commonly misconceived as him about to do something horrific, which is true but not entirely the whole reason. The more likely answer is that venom is undetectable to Spider-Mans spider sense and in this scene venom is teasing Peter. Hope y’all found this cool!
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2021.09.26 06:18 inkandpapyrus27 How much demonstrated interest is enough demonstrated interest?

So I open all the emails from colleges I'm applying to, click on the links, and I've done or am doing interviews for the ones that offer them. I've emailed every admissions officer at least once, and I've done tons of research on their websites. Is that enough demonstrated interest? Should I be going to all their virtual sessions? I keep feeling like if I delete one email out of literally hundreds without reading it, my chances are shot. Please help 😃
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2021.09.26 06:18 roger0120 Do you think my storefront/thumbnail image can be vague as long as its interesting?

Made an image for my action tower defense game and felt it was pretty cool for an indie game but started to wonder if the fact that the image doesnt really convey anything at all on the type of game it is other that it's either a horror game or dark fantasy. Ive been doing a lot of research game titles in general and one major aspect is if it seems enticing enough, other aspects can take a back seat

Heres a link to the image
And some old gameplay footage of my game
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2021.09.26 06:18 RosemaryKitty Negative thoughts are worse, I hate who I am, and I don’t want to do anything I use to want to do anymore

I’ve realized that I am always going to be this way. Most likely. My brain is fucked and I’m always crying. I use to cry all the time when I was in middle school and high school but it hasn’t gotten better.
I am always anxious and thinking. So much thinking everyday. I am never in the moment and when I am I begin to feel bad and all these thoughts eat away at me.
I hate my job. I hate everyone who trained me. They treated me awful and I never made any friends. I thought things would be easier but it wasnt. I think about it all the time and it’s been a year ago.
I think about everything. I use my past as evidence that I just can’t be better. I use yesterday, and even whatever I was doing an hour ago.
There was so much I wanted to do, but I cry too much, I don’t have friends, I don’t do the things I want to do.
I’m just feeling so bad. I want to quit and come back a new person. But no, that’ll never happen. I want to die so bad.
I’ll never live normally. I can’t keep people and I hate myself and nobody wants to do anything with me. People think I’m lying yet I’ve been lied too so much by everyone.
I can’t just be myself and find people like me. All of what I want to be cant exist because of my emotions, my past, how I feel all the time, everything has just lead me here and I can’t stop thinking.
I’ve lost interest in everything. Please help
Im planning on seeing a therapist but I don’t believe in myself. This is my reality and I can’t accept it.
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2021.09.26 06:18 Woomy_Official I forgot who posted the template, but here's a meme from it, creator, please comment when you see this! :D

I forgot who posted the template, but here's a meme from it, creator, please comment when you see this! :D submitted by Woomy_Official to splatoon [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 06:18 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.26 06:18 clocktower_420 The Sandman - First Look

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2021.09.26 06:18 joebermudez2336 Mid listen of MBDTF

Hey guys, disclaimer I’m high and a little drunk as well. With everything going on in my life rn I felt like this was the kind of night to get this inebriated and listen to my favorite album. Life’s been rough but I’ve been powering through it. It’s stressful and I’m tired. Just got to Runaway and I had to stop and reflect before I continue to Hell of A Li(f)e. Feels like a good intermission. I was sobbing a bit ago and a tad through writing this but I think I’m good. In case anyone might be worried I’m not suicidal but the idea of what rest death would bring sounds easy, if that makes sense. There’s a heavy suicidal theme in this album but the hero prevails in the end, sort of. I felt like getting this off my chest I just appreciate the relatability in his art. About to sit for a minute then continue through the rest of this masterpiece.
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2021.09.26 06:18 LightningDuat I have decided..

I use he/him pronouns. I use he/they, for other peoples convince. Such as when my friend can't say 'he' because he doesn't want to out me.
I have decided i am one with the earth, air, fire, water, spirit.
My name is Ocean, (birth name) also Nico (DnD name that stuck for some reason).
I AM CHAOS. I am a Witch of CHAOS. (good chaos though).
Ymir ascended from the earth and so can I!
boop, bye human life form
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2021.09.26 06:18 PokerBratNews MICOOP Event #56: $200 NLH PKO 25K GTD!

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2021.09.26 06:18 MysteryMind1 [Bedrock] Help, I can't join my friend that's on Xbox (I'm on PC)

I'm on PC (bedrock ed) and my friend is on Xbox series X and we could always join before, but suddenly one time it stopped allowing me to join. It was a very strange thing. I would try and join and it would just constantly load saying "locating server". I've tried waiting an endless amount of time and it doesn't work. My friend also says he can see my body at the spawn point, but it never says I actually join. When I cancel loading in, my body leaves and it says "MysteryMind has left the game" despite me never actually joining. I tried unfriending him and he's tried unfriending me, but it never works. I can't seem to find anyone else online that has the same problem so I can't find a solution. I can also join servers and other worlds, so I don't believe it's a matter that Minecraft can't access my WAN IP. Thanks in advance for any of the help I get!
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