Need a way of escape from best friend

2021.09.26 06:36 oldspicefella Need a way of escape from best friend

It’s not an unhealthy friendship. Quite the opposite. It’s me. I’m the issue. I’m constantly worried about how he feels about me, afraid of being left, constantly feeling not worthy, and more. I’ve tried to jump ship before and it did not go over well. I hurt him trying to distance (he doesn’t see it’s for his benefit, at least from my perspective). So I vowed I wouldn’t do it again. The problem is that I need to. Or it feels like I need to. I’ve been praying that God will make him dislike me. I just can’t take it.
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2021.09.26 06:36 ImperialWolf98 No OC and all ciderpost make Homer something something

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2021.09.26 06:36 ecb1912 Give Tobey and Andrew new characters and villains

If Sony does in fact bring back Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield to reprise their roles as Spider-Man, I would like them to continue their own stories in the road and universes that tell a different part of Peter Parker.
For example, I would have the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man start dating black cat AKA Felicia Hardy or Silk instead of going the Mary Jane route and have him fight villains like Chameleon, and possibly the Tom Hardy Venom. Tobey Maguire Spider-man would face off against say, Kraven or Jackal. Tom Holland could face off against Kingpin which would tie in Dare Devil and company.
Basically what I'm saying is there's no way that every single Spider-Man character and every single Spider-Man villain is going to be able to be crammed into the MCU, so why not introduce characters and villains that have never hit the big screen and give them to the other Spider-Men who fans would love to see in new movies? That way you could see new villains and still have them face off against a Spider-Man.
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2021.09.26 06:36 BeautifulStres This is such a beautiful piece!! better than i imagined.

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2021.09.26 06:36 AdmiralToucan Anyone have a crit coordi guide?

Not sure how people are reaching 60% crit. I'm at around 40% with decent gear, but I'm only 80k TA.
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2021.09.26 06:36 JaakkoFinnishGuy (42 F) Friend is getting cramps,

Hello docs, I'm here urgently asking for help for my friend who is getting running cramps, (it moving from leg to leg) in her leg, she's 42 and can't drink much water, it's hard for her too, making her kinda "sick"? In her own words,
I've been trying to help her look for replacements to help her stay hydrated, she's had her gullbladder removed, and is about 103 in weight
Anyone have any way to help me alleviate her pain and maybe some alternatives to help her stay hydrated? Any help is appreciated, really
Thanks docs, for your time, :)
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2021.09.26 06:36 subwayolives In what ways does God talk to you?

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2021.09.26 06:36 bestbelieveitsberta Anon M2 vs. M4

So I currently own some Anon M2 goggles, I’ve had them for about 5 years and the frames are gettin a bit rough so I figure its about time for new ones. I really like the m2’s the only thing I dont like is they dont fit with my helmet super well.
Does anyone have any experience with comparing the 2, especially how they feel on the face. I’m leaning more towards the m4 because they seem to fit better with most helmets, but they seem to come down pretty far on your face. Any advice?
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2021.09.26 06:36 Theforeverbored I FREAKED when I saw him 😂

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2021.09.26 06:36 StarryMondayNight Trading my adopt me inv (except those in previous post) for rbx as well

DM for the list
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2021.09.26 06:36 Potatomaster65 Movie actors, what are your stories where people mistook you for a character you’ve played?

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2021.09.26 06:36 GroundbreakingAds Nacho is warming up here. My legs are asleep but I cannot possibly move.

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2021.09.26 06:36 FreudsParents What piece of equipment do you prefer to buy over rent?

I know some DPs like to buy a nice monitor that they can ensure is properly calibrated. I've also read that some insist upon having their own set of ND filters.
As someone that is still somewhat new, I'd love to know what item you like to own and bring to set as opposed to rent?
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2021.09.26 06:36 Spaghet4Ever It's perfectly harmless, right?

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2021.09.26 06:36 NathanielTucker11 Cis ppl are n e r d s

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2021.09.26 06:36 backtickbot

I will certainly reference this post when I get to using UE Delegates.
That being said, feel free to offer any type of feedback. Both constructive and unconstructive kinds are welcomed.
I'd be curious to better understand what you mean when you say that it will "allow [me] to reuse the component in other actors." If I want to use this in other actors right now, can't I just create it the same way?
The end goal (which I was able to achieve to some degree) is to have a TArray as a property in my PlayerController class like this:

class COLT_API ARTSPlayerController : public APlayerController { GENERATED_BODY() public: ARTSPlayerController(); virtual void Tick(float DeltaSeconds) override; UPROPERTY() ARTSHUD * HUD; UPROPERTY() TArray> Controllers; protected: virtual void BeginPlay() override; virtual void SetupInputComponent() override; }; 
And then when defining my SetupInputComponent I can do the following:
void ARTSPlayerController::SetupInputComponent() { Super::SetupInputComponent(); for (auto Controller : Controllers) { if (Controller != nullptr) Controller->SetupInput(); } } 
Which is nice because now my code "scales" regardless of the amount of controls I need and each set of controls I need can live in a its own highly cohesive class (MovementController, SelectionController, etc).
And I don't say all this to deter you from giving feedback by any means. I'm just trying to better describe what I'm going for that way your wisdom isn't wasted on the wrong topic. ```
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2021.09.26 06:36 Triangle_Pants There a sticky post for first-time selling tips? WTS though.

550-mon acc w dozens of legendaries, shinies, a few shiny legendaries, and MANY hundos.
Multiple legacy/Elite mons too.
No idea on pricing. May PM specific details.
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2021.09.26 06:36 brockabilly99 Angry Man Child in my CS:GO Match

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2021.09.26 06:36 Flazer New California law allows academic institutions to pull identifying information of all gun owners from the state registry: name, address, DOB, purchases, etc. (crosspost)

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2021.09.26 06:36 sirajcm Coin master Free Spins and coins

Coin master Free Spins and coins Coin master free spins and coins daily Unlimited CLICK HERE
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2021.09.26 06:36 MyWifeLeft89 How to Survive No Simp September

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2021.09.26 06:36 germanky Intuit: Tax Expert - 3 Tax Seasons Experience Required

NOW HIRING Intuit: Tax Expert - 3 Tax Seasons Experience Required-
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2021.09.26 06:36 69001001011 ALL HAIL FRANK!!!

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2021.09.26 06:36 Cod-Even Y’all think if Yb drops rock peace and gets into pop,stop going to jail,Leaps the next level,when he comes out of jail he’s next album could sell 200k????

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2021.09.26 06:36 TwilliPOE Anyone watched the first game of Squid game and thought about SG's covid restrictions?
If only i knew how to edit videos. The robot girl whose head turns 180 degrees is MMTF. The person explaining the rules over the intercom can just subtitle with something completely different. Each person that gets shot can be someone or something that died due to our restrictions. Then when you reach the finish line, tadaa! 2pax at restaurant.
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