Idea on this little guy? Think its a common house spider but not sure. England

2021.10.17 20:04 TheTobarethian Idea on this little guy? Think its a common house spider but not sure. England

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2021.10.17 20:04 nienna141 horror movie review Silent Hill, whisper ear to ear [intentional] [accent] [blue yeti]

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2021.10.17 20:04 mothramantra Coalition ‘kills 160’ Yemen rebels as Marib battle intensifies - Al Jazeera English

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2021.10.17 20:04 Defiant_Race_7544 Three years post-legalization, Canada's cannabis industry ready for a reset

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2021.10.17 20:04 Cannot_Think-Of_Name Looking for a game on the switch for under $30 that I can spend 70+ hours on

Should have an element of exploration and combat. It should be able to be played single player (As I'm lonely).
Some games that I've played that I really enjoyed and what I enjoyed about it (in order from favorite to least favorite):
Hollow knight : I have about 120 hours in it currently, still going back to it but starting to get bored of it. I loved the combat more than the platforming and the lore, though both were enjoyable, and I thought it was a good difficulty. I did have fun exploring hollow nest. Of all the games, this had the best combat, and probably the most worth the price. In fact, either this or breath of the wild is my favorite game, depends on when you ask me.
Breath of the wild: I have just under 200 hours in this game, I loved the exploration most, and the fact that the game wasn't linear (like you could just go straight to Gannon) was a huge plus. The combat was okay but not as good as some of the other games on the list. Another part of the game that I enjoyed were the shrines. The side quests were fun too, and this game had the best story, but while I enjoy a good story, no story/a bad one doesn't ruin a game.
Dark souls 1: Have about 70 hours in it. This game was great. Compared to breath of the wild I felt a little trapped, but the better combat made up for it. I felt the difficulty hype was exaggerated (at least for the first one). The difficulty for me was pretty good. Of all the games this had the weakest story (for me) As I didn't have the patience or motivation to dig out the story.For me, Dark souls eventually got repetitive.
Terraria: I have over 1000 hours on this, but only because I used to have a friend, and used to have a good pc that I could put an endless amount of mods on terraria. I enjoyed the random world generation and multiple different styles of combat, as well as building my own homes/base.
Fenyx immortals rising : This game fell a little flat for me, though I got it on sale so it was worth the price I paid. This game felt like a poor copy of breath of the wild, and while the combat was fun, the difficulty scale was unreliable (sometimes nightmare was a breeze, and sometimes normal enemies had ridiculous health and damage). I was looking for a copy of breath of the wild when I got this game, but now I realize I shouldn't want a copy.
I've also played Undertale and portal 2, both of which are great but short for me, and right now I don't have the capacity to get a PC for myself.
I have an irrational dislike of first person shooter games and horror games. I've also been told to get Minecraft, but while I haven't played much of it (though I've played some, never bought it though) I've seen plenty of videos of people playing it and something about the game makes me not want to get it.
I'm thinking about getting Subnautica, would that be a good fit? Also open to any other suggestions. And before you mention it, yes I would enjoy Skyrim but I've never seen that go on sale and I have a budget of $30 for a new game.
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2021.10.17 20:04 Efficient_Report6557 How do cope with jealousy ?

This isn’t what you might think it is. I’m 26f and I’m currently happy with my partner. Lately though exes have been popping up on my feed for Instagram. I’m not talking to them and they aren’t talking to me it’s just one of those oh you haven’t posted in a while and I forgot I even had added you. One ex ghosted me and I found out a while ago that they were in a relationship. I found myself feeling sad, and disappointed. And jealous that I wasn’t good enough for them. Same with another ex who is now single after multiple on and off rounds of dating their ex.(which they had dumped me for) I know I ended up with better but I’m still disappointed and jealous I wasn’t the one for them. And I’m wondering how after 4 years of no co tact I can still feel this way. It doesn’t affect my relationship with my SO because I don’t talk about it with them and im pretty content in my relationship but why do is till feel this way? It’s not huge like it fresh it just a small twinge.
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2021.10.17 20:04 X7jakel7X It's doing ok, stop freaking out

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2021.10.17 20:04 Physics_guy_ TiVo Minis will not connect to host / main TiVo units *help please*

I have had TiVo units for years and periodically issues may arise. But for some reason on Friday all my minis (I have 8) stop connecting to my main units (I have 2). All units connect via Ethernet and have a strong stable connection. I can connect to the internet on all minis (stream on apps and connect to TiVo service - manually and automatic). The main units connect to service with no issues and of course have live TV working being that they are the main units. I have checked everything on my network from an internet perspective. Even unplugging the main cable line to my home and having a reset signal sent from my cable company just in case there was noise in the line. Overall, I have power cycled my modem, router, all TiVo boxes (minis and mains), and manually forced TiVo service connections on all multiple times (and in different orders).
I am also able to log into the TiVo mobile app on my phone and I see and connect to my main units, and can stream my shows along with seeing the live TV guide. But the app will not see my minis, which makes sense since my minis cannot see the main units.
At this point I’m lost as to why everything just stopped working. And now TiVo no longer offers support on the weekend, so I have to wait until tomorrow/Monday to call support. But I’m not hopeful they will be able to help unless they can do something on their end to refresh my account.
Any help would be appreciate here, or even advice as to what to ask TiVo to do when I call them. Thank you.
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2021.10.17 20:04 whodo-i-thinkiam A useful guide

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2021.10.17 20:04 _morder Keyset value in runes?

Wondering what the going rate is on full sets of Uber keys, thanks.
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2021.10.17 20:04 IvoryTowerContent 11.2k followers: 12.8% ER, can I make money somehow?

Hey Reddit,
I run a (very) modestly successful IG account. All content is original. I've got a little over 11k followers with a decent engagement rate (12%ish). I am wondering what some recommendations are concerning how I might be able to make a few bucks?
My content is centered around music/music theory/education.
Should I be reaching out to music companies and asking about promotion of their products?
Any advise would be welcome. Thanks
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2021.10.17 20:04 Fap_Paw My favorite nightgown😊

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2021.10.17 20:04 kudos_22 When's the most you've actually been scared during Halloween?

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2021.10.17 20:04 melancholic-town Do you also pretend to live in your favorite show ?

My favorite show is Community, I can’t stop watching it and i see the world just like I was part of the show. I say random quotes from it, I talk like the characters and I even hum soundtracks during certain situations. So I was wondering if some of you do the same things as well. Like you disconnect from this reality, and live like you are in your favorite show.
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2021.10.17 20:04 jrnovak02 M

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2021.10.17 20:04 in7bairrada [EasterEgg] The Billion Dollar Code - TOOL T-shirt

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2021.10.17 20:04 stoive714 top surgery is unnatural.

Like, if youre a bottom, just accept it. Honestly
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2021.10.17 20:04 Swimming_Green Backyard in horrible state

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2021.10.17 20:04 bmwhaley VRM issues with MSI X570 Pro Carbon with 5900x

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2021.10.17 20:04 -High-Heals- Look into my eyes

Look into my eyes
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2021.10.17 20:04 quiccsmough2137 Preferred SIM for mobile data LOS 17.1

Hello, Im running a moto g7 power dual SIM with LOS 17.1 and I have to use a second SIM to get my mobile data cause i have a better plan there. When I turn off off my first's SIM mobile data and turn on the second one i have no connection. Will my phone simply start using the second SIM mobile data after the first one's rund out or is there a way to USS only second SIM mobile data?
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2021.10.17 20:04 itselfsearcher Fluffy adventurer and his COMPASS

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2021.10.17 20:04 Mytur_Benesderti When you're in BR and you get that feeling you're being watched.

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2021.10.17 20:04 23789464 5900x with PBO (Continuation of previous post)

5900x with PBO (Continuation of previous post) Hello again Overclockers
Previous post: PBO and Prime95 - Unknown location of error : overclocking (
With alot of awesome help yesterday, i have spent the majority of my time adjusting and testing, over and over again. With that i have some new questions regarding my results and observations.
I ran corecycler, 6 minutes on every core, and this is what i managed to get after a long time testing:
PBO Limits - Motherboard Scalar - Auto Max CPU Boost Clock Override - 0 MHz Curve Optimizer: Core 0 - (-25) - 0 Crashes, 6 minutes test Core 1 - (-15) - 0 Crashes, 6 minutes test Core 2 - (-25) - 0 Crashes, 6 minutes test Core 3 - (-25) - 0 Crashes, 6 minutes test Core 4 - (-10) - 0 Crashes. 6 minutes test Core 5 - (-20) - 0 Crashes, 6 minutes test (Fastest Core - CCD 0) Core 6 - (-25) - 0 Crashes, 6 minutes test (Crashed at 25 MHz Override) Core 7 - (-17) - 0 Crashes, 6 minutes test Core 8 - (-30) - 0 Crashes, 6 minutes test (Fastest Core - CCD 1) Core 9 - (-30) - 0 Crashes, 6 minutes test (Crashed at 50 MHz Override) Core 10 - (-30) - 0 Crashes, 6 minutes test (Crashed at 50 MHz Override) Core 11 - (-30) - 0 Crashes, 6 minutes test 
And with this curve optimizer i got these results in Cinebench r23. (My best of many tries)
CPU (Multi Core) = 23490 CPU (Single Core) = 1636 
Question 1: I tried to tweak the Max CPU Override setting first at 25 MHz (Crash at core 6) and then at 50 MHz (Crash at core 9 and 10). From what i understand, my Cinebench scores are good (without override), what is there to gain adjusting the Override, when i then have to lower the curve to prevent a crash? There might be overall lower gains if i override on my CPU?
Question 2: My PBO limits is set to motherboard. From what i understand from this YT video: Ryzen 5000 Precision Boost Overdrive 2 Guide - YouTube (last chapter), i might gain some more juice from manually setting the PBO limits. My defaults i believe are(i googled):
PPT: 142 TDC: 95 EDC: 140 
So, can i safely test out his findings on PBO limits? If yes, what should i set on PPT? He uses a 5950.
Question 3: Cinebench Test Results
These are my HWINFO test results at the end of a Cinebech multicore test (MC: 23342). I don't know what exactly to look after. So, is there something wrong? Does it look normal? Anything i can adjust to make it cooler, or higher MHz speed? Does the answer here depends on what i do with question 1 and 2?
Question 4: I have run many OCCT's but im really unsure of what settings i should use to really test the stability. No errors at a 20 minutes test with these settings:
Data set: Small Mode: Extreme Load Type: Variable Cycle: 1 Instruction set: AVX2 Threads: Auto 
And recommendations for OCCT settings?

I appriciate any help to any of my questions. I know there is alot of text and i'm really sorry for that.
Thanks in advance <3
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2021.10.17 20:04 toaste-_- Why is it not printing the triangle, it's just printing the text I wrote before.

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