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FDP-Politiker werben für Lindner als Finanzminister

2021.10.17 20:17 GirasoleDE FDP-Politiker werben für Lindner als Finanzminister

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2021.10.17 20:17 Historical-Pudding-8 Two link levels i made.

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2021.10.17 20:17 TonyClifton323 Remember, remember the fifth of November

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2021.10.17 20:17 Larrygirl Besties 1st pumpkin patch

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2021.10.17 20:17 HiddenDepths1 Huge ancient 1600 year old Horse Chestnut tree propped up.

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2021.10.17 20:17 lixiaoqi3540 32/ F looking for some new friends older than me ,No matter where you come from!

Hello everyone, I am from Asia and now I am in the US. I have been here for 3 years and hope to make more friends

Living in a strange country is difficult at first and I hope to meet more people from all over the world

I love to travel and want to go to Europe in the future

I hope to meet more friends from all over the world here

Send me a message
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2021.10.17 20:17 Special_Campaign_769 Just Starting Out In Business? Read This

Iv'e grown multiple businesses to 7 and 8 figures a year extremely quickly through multiple different niches.
In December 2019 (pretty much right when the pandemic started) I actually started a home remodeling company and grew to 7 figures a month in sales our very first year in business and now we're in talks with a few companies for a buyout that will be a pretty profitable exit.
I'm pretty dam good at rapid start up growth.
If anyone in here is just getting started in business or are just not doing as well as they want to be feel free to drop a question for me below and I'll help you out? (nothing to sell just providing value)
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2021.10.17 20:17 veImouth Demon Slayer S2 ED Drum Cover

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2021.10.17 20:17 skaterboy98_ Any music people around?

I’m a student that’s looking for people in the community/area, on/off campus that are music oriented like beat makers, producers, and songwriters
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2021.10.17 20:17 ExtensionSinger4154 Crypto Education - Liquidity Pools Explained

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2021.10.17 20:17 Objective_Door_1730 Giratina raid on me adding 10 5697 7340 1757 or 2346 1752 6077

5697 7340 1757 or 2346 1752 6077
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2021.10.17 20:17 bleda777 Why do schools never do PD meetings on how school discipline/rules work during in-service? Or if they do, they spend 30 minutes talking about it versus the 1-2 weeks spent on all the other educational theories put forth to teachers by vendors and district people?

This is what I experienced during my first in-service upon getting hired to a high school 2 years ago, several months before COVID started. I spent the entire in-service anxiously waiting for an admin to start talking about practical things like how to take attendance with the system, how to look up student info like parent contact information, how to enter in grades, how discipline works , but nothing of the sort was ever said. My colleagues had to show me all that, but they barely had any time as they were too busy setting up their own classes. And then boom the first day of school with students hit and I was completely ignorant of some of the most fundamentally important aspects of my job. I felt like I was set up for failure from the start, it was just offensive the amount of information there was during that in-service that had absolutely nothing to do with the actual job practically speaking. This was really shocking to me as aside from my 4 year college education I had worked for nearly 8-10 years in retail and the training for those jobs was ALWAYS direct and practical. In case you all were wondering, I obviously didn’t get fired from that job (I still work there) despite how many times I fell on my face making mistake after mistake with regards to all the practical things on the job. Each and every time an admin or colleague would tell me after the fact what I did wrong and I would correct mistake and move on, but why do they make new teachers go through this learn-by-failure ordeal all the while as students laugh and take advantage of your ignorance?
These are a few of the most glaring administrative processes that would have been nice to have learned from a PD meeting before the students arrived:

  1. Referral slips/write ups (I found out about referral slips after the fact after several of my students started acting up. Had absolutely no idea how to fill it out and no idea when it should be used and no idea what precisely it entailed for the student. Do they get detention?? Also just found out from admin that I have to call parents after I turn in referrals. No one EVER told me that. Now THAT should have been covered in a PD. Also found out that the referral slips have to be turned in to the correct AP depending on student’s last name - that’s a new one, no one ever told me that until now. Again, would have been nice if there was a PD or even just an email at the very least regarding this. I’m at a pretty big square footage campus so having to walk all the way across campus to find an AP who may NOT even be in their office at that moment in the first place is almost not even worth it by that point to pursue. It’s almost like they make it as difficult as possible so you won’t turn in referral slips)
  2. Tardiness (I at first didn’t even know that you had to send tardy students to a school paraprofessional sitting at desk in a hallway who then prints out a little slip of paper for them saying they are late and have detention. But I JUST found out just last week that this additionally is the ONLY way for the student to get immediate consequences (detention) for their Tardiness or any at all for that matter. I was told that simply entering “T” for Tardy on the attendance software on my laptop doesn’t do much… And of course the students always lie about the paraprofessional not printing out slips saying “she’s not printing slips” and then I always have to double check with the employee and 90% of the time the student is lying when they say that - further disrupting my class as I have to stop what I’m doing and walk out
  3. Detention (what on Earth is detention??? Do the students just sit there and stare off into space? Is it even that much of a punishment? Does it correct behavior at all? Do students just consider it a joke and are not deterred or fazed by it? Can admin please give us teachers a PD meeting on what detention is? Is that too much to ask for?)
  4. Cellphones (so I was actually told by admin during in-service that it’s 15$ phone confiscation fee if student phone is taken by admin. So as phone issues in my class mounted and I began wanting to have admin confiscate and give some serious consequences, I texted an admin asking when this $15 thing actually applies and I was given in text msg form a super long overly complicated answer about how the offending student needs to be a repeat offender for that to happen and how it needs to go through an entire process.. so basically it almost never happens! The 15$ thing is just an empty threat… Would have been nice if I had known this through a PD meeting… now I sound like a complete fool for announcing to my class repeatedly, warning them about the 15$ rule)
The list goes on and on….
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2021.10.17 20:17 Block_Hawks [WTS] AIME LEON DORE NEW BALANCE 550 GREEN, SIZE 10, DS, $200+SHIPPING INVOICED.

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2021.10.17 20:17 chavalitoguay Do you get back your insurance work money if you dont use it?

Hi, I'm sorry if it is a stupid question but I just started working in the netherlands last week. I've never worked in a country without public healthcare system so I asked a couple questions at work and two guys said that if I dont use the Insurance during my stance here I get back all the money.
I'm reticent to belive this because the Insurance companies are risking the money in exchange for the chance of you not having to use it. So it doesn't make sense to me if at the end they give it back
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2021.10.17 20:17 HybridAE 18+ player looking for a [Vanilla] survival realm to join on PS4/PS5

Hey there 18+ player looking to join an active vanilla survival realm to join. I’m a good builder and player trying to get back into Minecraft. Kinda looking for almost a hermit craft like server to play on that seems fun. So if anyone needs another player for there realm I would love to join. This post requires at least 359 characters before it can be posted lmao not trying to add filler but yea kinda trying to add filler so I can post it but yea I need a realm lol.
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2021.10.17 20:17 alysha1234-lol My croton flowers look like tiny fireworks

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2021.10.17 20:17 Negative-Plum4884 Priyanka Chopra bikini

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2021.10.17 20:17 BruceWillisArcade 35 [M4F] Manchester, UK - Dork 4 Dork

Hello hello. Big baldy beardo here. After a year and some of home>work>home seclusion, it's time for social hibernation to draw to a close. So obviously one comes to Reddit to find a partner in crime. Dunno what form that takes because it really has been a little while, hasn't it? Mostly I just want to find someone to do stuff with.
Stuff like going to an aquarium, or a bird sanctuary to feed the birdies without getting a ticket, or being vaguely distracting at a gallery or museum. Stuff like cruising Forbidden Planet or Fanboy to browse and browse and come away empty handed. Stuff like rolling novel and bizarre DnD characters or kitbashing a Raspberry Pi clock that lobs toast at us in the morning. Stuff like seeing his and her computer desks and thinking "Yes... let's do that". Stuff like sharing progress we make on our personal projects and having someone to be excited about being excited about our progress with! (What a sentence)
I know these aren't very serious, grown-up ambitions. I guess that's what a job and bills are for, and that side of life is, unfortunately, more than taken care of. Some carefree downtime to indulge hobbies with someone to indulge them with? That sounds pretty swell to me.
- Very suggestible to participating in plots, schemes, and hijinks (probably little use in a heist though) - Bodyheat output of a medium size domestic boiler on long winter nights - Hella punctual
- Slow Walker - Is probably too comfortable with uncomfortable silence - Will inevitably send 3am texts about how, for a Utopian fantasy, the crew of TNG is made up of a lot of hot-headed jerks.
So feel free to say hi if any of this makes any kind of sense.
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2021.10.17 20:17 Tmac-845 HMA plus paint. Check the guy standing on the fender. Savage!

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2021.10.17 20:17 Palashtic Sergio Reguilon: “The fans say: ‘Stop, stop!’… I saw the fan lying down, and one man [giving him CPR], I was very nervous. I went to the referee and said we cannot play, stop the match”. ⚪️👏🏻 #THFC #Reguilon

Sergio Reguilon: “The fans say: ‘Stop, stop!’… I saw the fan lying down, and one man [giving him CPR], I was very nervous. I went to the referee and said we cannot play, stop the match”. ⚪️👏🏻 #THFC #Reguilon submitted by Palashtic to coys [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 20:17 TheSinisterKFO Tribe recruiting on pvp official

Any tribe recruiting on ark pvp official. Lvl 100 and getting back into ark
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2021.10.17 20:17 RLCD-Bot [Lime Tyranno GXT] [Black Tyranno: Reviver] [Lime Phoenix Wings III] [Standard] [Lime Poppet: Inverted]

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2021.10.17 20:17 aazav The whole playlist is mostly great. This one starts of right.

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2021.10.17 20:17 Mz_Greene Not a meme, tis a dad joke

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2021.10.17 20:17 SaltyDerpy snoot_irl

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