Nice minidress

2021.10.17 20:46 satinalessia Nice minidress

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2021.10.17 20:46 bluethecoloris Killed in the line of duty: David Amess’s final day in democratic service

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2021.10.17 20:46 creampieyourself “YOU PICKED THE WRONG CRATE FOOL!”

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2021.10.17 20:46 NeonKokkino Aegean Cats are the best

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2021.10.17 20:46 WHYWHYWHYWHY593 Wowowowowow2

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2021.10.17 20:46 GiaMorg Almost all F1 cars of Michael Schumacher.

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2021.10.17 20:46 jasper340 Get-AzSecurityAssessment unreadable properties

Hi everyone,
When I execute the command Get-AzSecurityAssessment, I get the following output for lots of resources:

PS> Get-AzSecurityAssessment
Id : /subscriptions/xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx/resourcegroups/my-company/providers/
Name : xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
DisplayName : Virtual networks should be protected by Azure Firewall
Status : Microsoft.Azure.Commands.Security.Models.Assessments.PSSecurityAssessmentStatus
ResourceDetails : Microsoft.Azure.Commands.Security.Models.Assessments.PSSecurityResourceDetails
AdditionalData :
Now, how do I retrieve the full Status and ResourceDetails property? Can this be done with another command? Cause now I do not know if an remediation is already implemented or not.
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2021.10.17 20:46 JBPorkChopExpress The Gamblers, the Maiden and the Card Shark.

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2021.10.17 20:46 bluethecoloris Uranium in the water: remote NT community wants answers about safety

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2021.10.17 20:46 All-Seeing-Bot Political Giants Stump for Terry McAuliffe | MSNBC

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2021.10.17 20:46 spearhead30 It Can ALWAYS Get Stupider

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2021.10.17 20:46 LovelyTerran I might end up alone due to the super-specific type of women that I consider attractive

So, I am a Hispanic (Dominican) of mixed-race of white, African, and Hispanic. This makes me look in between light and dark brown skin and have semi-straight short hair. I have been asked so many times if I am Indian, but none of my ancestries comes from India, so I just chuckle when no one believes that I am Hispanic.
Anyways, with that as an introduction. I wanted to go to the point of my question. So, since I can remember I have only found attractive blonde/redhead women with blue eyes. I always lied to everyone saying that I never had a type because people would always call me either racist or get mad at me or tell me to be more realistic or tell me that I should stop being a self-race hater and date my own kind (whatever that means since I am mixed race).
Even with all the negative feedback about my type, I managed to get a Finnish girlfriend in my teens that was 100% my type. We had tons in common, she was super smart (the top of her class). We would talk about tons of different topics, ranging from politics, to philosophy, to human rights, to anime, to cartoons, to foreign affairs, etc. She was a hopeless romantic like me and we would do tons of romantic things for each other. I loved her with all my heart. I have honestly never loved someone that much in my life. Sadly, things didn't work out between us (which up to this day I regret).
In college, this one Danish girl that was my type physically was really into me, and she was super cute, but then she would never want to engage in conversation with me. She just wanted to party and invited me to parties, and then threw herself to make out with me when she was drunk. I pushed her away because I was looking for something long-lasting and not for a random hook-up with a drunk girl. Needless to say, we never spoke after that.
I met this one girl online who was also my type physically, and she was super smart and logical kind of similar to my first gf. She was so left-brained logical that I would call her "my sexy robot" because she was as logical as a robot. We talked non-stop for 3 months and then one day she just vanished like she never existed.
Nowadays, I am 27, I live in an apartment complex full of cute blonde girls, but the issue is that all of them look at me like if I was a rapist every time that I try to say hi or talk to them. I swear that I am as cordial and nice as possible. I have no clue why they look at me like that. They look at me like if I don't deserve a second of their time.
I started to think that maybe I just have more luck with Europeans. Because one time I just stupidly went to this cute Polish girl in Costco and said that cheesiest pick-up line ever, and she just laughed and was super friendly afterward. Back then I didn't have a phone so I couldn't get her number, but I am pretty sure that if I had it would have gone further.
Either way, now that I am older it has gotten harder to meet the kind of girls that I am attracted to, mostly because I live in a city far away from all my friends and family. As I mentioned previously, there are tons of pretty girls at my apartment complex, but they don't give me the time of the day.
I have complained previously here that no girls liked me and it is hard for me to find someone interested. And that is partially true, but not 100% true. I had women liked me in the past in online dating and real life, and they were nice people and kind of cute, but they were just not my type. I tried so hard to like them and want to be with them, but I just couldn't like them. I have rejected more girls than I can remember because of this.
I realized this the hard way when I got in a relationship with my ex who was Mexican. She was super nice, cute, and liked me a lot, but I could never get excited about her. I got with her because I wanted to see if I could love someone who wasn't my type, but sadly I couldn't. And she perceived that and the relationship ended.
So yeah, I guess that I am just a sucker for the Eastern/Northern European look, and I might end up alone due to having a small pool of women that I consider attractive.
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2021.10.17 20:46 RPE_Ravens Superglides with Horizon on 1hp (Apex Legends)

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2021.10.17 20:46 thephantomfish How my partner opens resealable bags

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2021.10.17 20:46 Healthy_Translator69 Latin document of " North America " detailing a place where "Giants Live" . Could this mean the legends of bigfoot were known to Nordic and Latin sources ? Possibly Sasquatch.

As the title states, a document predating Columbus hundreds of years, and contemporary to Nordic sources and may have origin with viking sailors, stating that this western land from Iceland is home to Giants. The translated texts goes as followed:
The full-text mentioning Markland, what we now know as North America, was translated from Latin to English and reads as follows: “Further northwards there is the Ocean, a sea with many islands where a great quantity of peregrine falcons and gyrfalcons live. These islands are located so far north that the Polar Star remains behind you, toward the south. Sailors who frequent the seas of Denmark and Norway say that northwards, beyond Norway, there is Iceland; further ahead there is an island named Grolandia, where the Polar Star remains behind you, toward the south. The governor of this island is a bishop. In this land, there is neither wheat nor wine nor fruit; people live on milk, meat, and fish. They dwell in subterranean houses and do not venture to speak loudly or to make any noise, for fear that wild animals hear and devour them. There live huge white bears, which swim in the sea and bring shipwrecked sailors to the shore. There live white falcons capable of great flights, which are sent to the emperor of Katai. Further westwards there is another land, named Marckalada, where giants live; in this land, there are buildings with such huge slabs of stone that nobody could build with them, except huge giants. There are also green trees, animals and a great quantity of birds. However, no sailor was ever able to know anything for sure about this land or about its features.“
Thougts ?
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2021.10.17 20:46 NorternAlexander What are the easiest ways for a son to regain his father's trust after breaking a promise that he would no longer steal and at the same time showing the father that the son is sincerely sorry for having stealing?

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2021.10.17 20:46 Phookakyo Sona AP/Utility Carry?

So I know this sorta like a dead topic but I've been doing random shite lately like Soraka to Seraphine Bot but I wanted to know if there was a way to utilize Sona bot without Spelltheif's. Like maybe with tear and she can build path her normal route or be a little spicy with Luden's. I tried it with Tear and it yielded....mixed results. I know Doran's is out of the question cause she need her mana sustain but I was wondering if it's possible to go Sona APC without the use of Spelltheif's?
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2021.10.17 20:46 DickOfReckoning This Late Game is a trainwreck.

Seriously, why doing it this way? Last year Late Game was PERFECT: they gave enough time after the games for OG to cooldown. Then they all met in a studio for a group interview, and only after that they meet Pyrion and Dakota in a pub for an awesome chat with the champions.
This year: they got the players just after the games, SPLITTED THEM (2 for the english stream, 3 for the russian stream) and made it uncomfortable for almost everyone.
Maybe it was some Covid restrictions, but geez... why change what was clearly working?
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2021.10.17 20:46 dencoan Deckboxes for double sleeved cards?

I recently double sleeved my commander deck and find the ultimate guard bolder 100+ to be extremely tight and I'm worried I will damage by cards cramming them all in there. does anyone have any recommendations for deck boxes that fit 100 double sleeved cards? I am using dragon shield perfect fits and dragon shield art outer sleeves. I was looking at a legion vault v2 but everything seems to claim to fit 100 double sleeved cards I just don't want to order it and find myself in the same boat I am in.

this is what i am looking at:
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2021.10.17 20:46 TailsGuy I need some serious help with PS3s

So, I had a PS3 Slim, not aware of the model version anymore, but recently it stopped turning on.
I want to buy a new PS3, but I'm VERY conflicted at the moment.
There are several options. A. Get a CECH-21XX because those don't have NEC capacitors and those suck. B. Get a smexy Japanese CECHH PS3, because CECHL PS3's are scuffed. These however have NEC caps. Those aren't fun, but I hear that the later Phats have better cooling so the caps won't fail sooner than later. Though, I can't know for sure. C. Buy a YLOD'd CECHA on eBay, pray it's one that can be fixed via capacitor replacement, and feel smug.
I have a soldering iron, a Weller, but it's a budget one. Plus, my tip isn't working well. I need to buy thinner ones anyway, though. I also need solder.
I have a PS2, but it's complicated because the fan header broke, and i'm using a ghetto way to make it work. The disc drive isn't working anymore either, and I seem to have lost the laser I bought. I can't bite the bullet on buying an HDD either because if I do that I might as well buy a broken PS2 and fix the laser on it. And, buying an HDD Adapter means buying an HDD too. Money.
So, With this all in mind, what is the option I should go for?
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2021.10.17 20:46 PioneerStandard PIC

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2021.10.17 20:46 ilknurr 37% off >> $28.99 >> BlitzWolf BW-HP2 bluetooth V5.0 Over-Ear Headphone Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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2021.10.17 20:46 All-Seeing-Bot Rep. Schiff On Bannon Defying Jan 6 Subpoena: 'No One Is Above The Law' | MSNBC

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2021.10.17 20:46 nippertown New Concert Announcements (from the week ending October 16)

As the weather turns colder, the Palace Theatre is hosting an event that will let you help those in need, and also get to see a great show. Nationally breaking brother-and-sister outfit Jocelyn and Chris are playing, along with the always riveting Laveda.
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2021.10.17 20:46 techberg_ Apple's new Chipset are called 'M1 Pro' and 'M1 Max'

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