Feedback Thread! How are the mods doing?

Simple, Real-Time Feedback Platform for Medical Schools, Residencies, and Fellowships. Get the Apps: For Teachers and Learners Simple to use, native apps allows real-time, on-site feedback between teachers and learners. Learners can view feedback and track progress via phone apps or web browser. Ye Olde Editor in a tobacco moment (photograph by John Robinson) These thoughts are short and to the point. High-end audio is filled with reviews (many of those should read "reviews"), arguments, and endless debates about reference standards, ratings, lists, best-ofs, and so on…endlessly.

2021.10.17 21:00 AutoModerator Feedback Thread! How are the mods doing?

Put your feedback here! Please remember, Mods are human and our changes are a response to community feedback!
Let us know of some things you've noticed, or things you might want addressed!
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2021.10.17 21:00 AutoModerator Bi Weekly Help Thread (Oct. 18, 2021)

Post your questions about this game. In regards to team setup, unit builds, treasures, quests, etc. General questions should be posted here. All posts outside of this thread will be removed by Moderators to keep this sub decluttered.
Please be patient when waiting for someone to answer your question. Also, before posting, please make sure you've read the resources on the sidebar (PC) and on About tab (Mobile) what you seek may have been already there or please use the search function for similar discussions in the past. You can join the Last Cloudia Discord if you want everyone is welcome there may it be a new or returning player.
Best of luck to Granzelia Redditors. Please contact the Moderators if you have feedbacks in regards to this sub. We're open to any feedback. Do not Modmail us if it's regards to game questions though
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2021.10.17 21:00 Interesting-Row-3360 Just want to point out that this guy has a 49-22-1 NFL record (162-71-1 all time) and is not currently an NFL headcoach

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2021.10.17 21:00 bigbox-KitTeaCup 💎HURRY! 24 HOURS LEFT TO CHANGE KINGDOM'S FATE!💎

Light vs Dark ends October 18 at 12 pm Pacific.
Now's your last chance to push your team to win!
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2021.10.17 21:00 rownxiii Dreamzen Group Chat is moving!

First of all, let me say how happy I am and the rest of the mod team with the growth of our community! We are now 900+ dreamzens here in NCTDream. So thank you all for joining us here!
With our growing sub, our group chat will also need to change so that it could accommodate more people. Our current gc can only accommodate 100 members and we are already more than 50% full.
Our fellow dreamzens u/Epii_curious and u/DooOooT-dOOoOOt, who are mods of MarkLee, generously offered their sub's chatroom to us so our sub can use it as our chatroom. This will allow the dreamzen chat to let more people in! Thank you so much Epii and Doot!!! This is really so sweet of you.
What does this mean?
First, we will move the current Dreamzen groupchat to the new Dreamzen chatroom. All current members of the gc will be invited to the new chatroom. We will start the transition on Oct 18 (Monday), 10pm KST.
Second, once the transitioning is done, the current groupchat will be deleted. This is to avoid multiple gcs. We are giving ourselves 1 month to complete the transition just so we have enough buffer for people to read the announcements.
Third, for those who hasn't joined the gc and wants to join the dreamzen chat, we will keep the same process as before. Please comment in the Dreamzen Group Chat post and we will add you to the new chatroom once the transitioning starts.
So that's it! Again, thank you Epii and Doot for your generosity and I look forward to adding more dreamzens in the chat!
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2021.10.17 21:00 Less-Pollution-5835 Movies where infidelity is forgiven

Hi everyone, I have found out that my long term partner has been having an affair (emotional and then physical) since March. It was bad (told her he loved her, invited her into our home, met her family), but is showing true remorse and pain for what he has done, I still love him and recognise the issues in our relationship that needed to be healed. I’m not looking for advice on the infidelity, please don’t message to say I just need to dump him, but I am desperate to find some films (or TV show) that show instances where infidelity is forgiven. Where the cheating partner is accepted back by the betrayed partner and they make it work. There is so much shame associated in staying and i think it could help to watch a film that covers this. I’ve tried googling but the suggestions just show films with infidelity not where infidelity is forgiven by the betrayed partner. Any recommendations would be appreciated, thank you.
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2021.10.17 21:00 eduberdague A placa diz Proibido Nadar, mas no lago de águas turvas, há uma pessoa se afogando e essa pessoa é a mulher dos seus sonhos. O que você faria? (ASSISTA À HISTÓRIA COMPLETA NO VÍDEO)

A placa diz Proibido Nadar, mas no lago de águas turvas, há uma pessoa se afogando e essa pessoa é a mulher dos seus sonhos. O que você faria? (ASSISTA À HISTÓRIA COMPLETA NO VÍDEO) submitted by eduberdague to animebrasil [link] [comments]

2021.10.17 21:00 RedditReadsBot Harlem Shuffle by Colson Whitehead [Historical Fiction](2021)

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2021.10.17 21:00 S_Bayouq (For Hire) Machine Learning tutor

I can teach you Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, and Generative Adversarial Network (GAN). Add me on Discord: B > 1/n ∑ X_i#6408
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2021.10.17 21:00 Blood-n-Cheese Duress by Jason Rainville

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2021.10.17 21:00 VengeFul_Spirit90 bruh this dude got over 1m score on ghosst mania funky friday is that even possible?

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2021.10.17 21:00 Firespark7 [Star Wars] Why do they call the speed achieved through hyperdrive "lightspeed"?

In Star Wars, you often hear people say they (will) go at lightspeed (using the hyperdrive), but lightspeed is way too slow for the achieved effect. Why don't they call it "hyperspeed" or something?
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2021.10.17 21:00 Hot_Paramedic6825 Ocean Token Is BULLISH 🔥 Hold And Earn 7% BTC Rewards! TechRate Audit Soon! - Just Launched, Join Now! ✅

The Ocean Token is here to help save the environment, while making its holders money!
🌊 CHARITY DONATIONS- Each day after launching, we will be donating to Ocean related charities that our community will pick out for us. All of our donations will be completely public, transparent and open to verify.
🎁 BTCB REWARDS EVERY 10 MINUTESNot only will there be daily donations, there will also be automatic 7% $BTCB rewards every 10 minutes to our holders. These rewards will create passive income for $OCEAN holders, that can be used to either cash out or buy more of the $OCEAN token. This process will be completely automatic and wont require you to connect your wallet to any site.
Our features:
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Contract: 0x73078fb65946cc11fa34a774be94f2e4b7be88df
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2021.10.17 21:00 sikedrower GuEsS mY bIrThPlAcE GuYSSeee!!! WhAt DoEs My ChArT mEaN??!?!?!?!

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2021.10.17 21:00 Protxch Look who the Qlimax Instagram page is following, could this be the possible line up?

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2021.10.17 21:00 rollotomasi07071 Why migrating monarch butterflies love NJ: The Garden State is an essential stop for the fragile-but-intrepid travelers

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2021.10.17 21:00 uhKira H: trades W: looking for be25 fixer or open to offers

**Trade list:**

ARI/E/50DR fixer
BE50C/15R fixer
M/E/15C fixer
TS/E/+1P fixer
TS/50C/250DR fixer
V/25/FMSWA fixer
V/15AP/15R fixer
EXE/25/25 handmade
TS/25/15c handmade
Q/15AP/15C Handmade
JUG/25/15R Pepper shaker
JUG/25/15R Railway
TS/25/25 laser pistol/rifle
300 mixed flux
mutant slayer forest scout armour RA / AP / WWR
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2021.10.17 21:00 cured_me please how to do SR

it just seems inapplicable
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2021.10.17 21:00 Current87 Concentration matters!

In the past, I would do a traditional cold prep (cold prep = less tannins = fewer headaches and heartburn) with about 4tbsp in half a gallon of water. Why not stay hydrated, right?
I doubled the quantity of kava today, using the same amount of water, and am extremely pleased with the effects: it turns out that a more concentrated shell absorbs more quickly and does a much better job - duh, right? Despite drinking half of the actual amount of liquid I normally would (so, should be the same strength), I feel much more powerful effects and have 2 evenings of kava prepped. I've basically been wasting my time and kava by watering it down.
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2021.10.17 21:00 syo902 The Relentless Rise of an Unequivocal Fossil-Fueled Crisis

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2021.10.17 21:00 hadnazzar Last 6 hours to join NFT giveaway!

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2021.10.17 21:00 neipier Weeds?

Am I the only one who plucks all the weeds out? Should I not do that? Are the weeds beneficial in same way that I do not know?
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2021.10.17 21:00 berriesandcreamlad12 Is this w/f/l

Them: shadow dragon
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2021.10.17 21:00 wtfbtc_ Current Bitcoin transaction fees: BCH Next Block: $0.0031 BCH Median: $0.0013 BTC Next Block: $0.46 BTC Median: $1.22

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2021.10.17 21:00 Sax_Hale Today, on cursed images

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