2021.10.17 19:51 Party_Cute Scare

If I’ve been on nexplanon since September 24, and my boyfriend came in me today and I’m supposed to “ovulate” in 7 days should I be worried
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2021.10.17 19:51 sunflowersprinkles Pratik acts awkward sometimes

Maybe I have a soft corner for every contestant who gets cornered on this show, but I really think everyone hating and dissing Pratik, including Salman is uncalled for. Also, do you all notice how hard Pratik tries to be friends and to blend in sometimes? Like, I can see him trying hard to dance in the morning or to talk to the members other than just Nishant and Akasa. Another thing I notice is how the gharwales bitch about the junglewasis infront of him and he doesn’t go around adding fuel to the fire. I wish we get to see him talking to people other than KK, Nishant and Akasa. I feel for him sometimes, especially this week.
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2021.10.17 19:51 No_Inflation_28 AMD YD297XAZAFWOF Ryzen Threadripper 2970WX 24 Core, 48 Thread Processor, Pack of 1, For:$679.00 After $620 (48% OFF).

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2021.10.17 19:51 NeatStatistician6028 [Academic] Social Media Post Effectiveness (everyone)

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2021.10.17 19:51 Pwoto_Alex This is Maria, she is 2 years old and she is my happy little cousin

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2021.10.17 19:51 manuce94 If RBC CEO is right about impending spending spree, interest rates will rise sooner than expected

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2021.10.17 19:51 Adagio_11 Can someone help me find the last card I should use in my deck?

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2021.10.17 19:51 CosmicKat107 FO3 GOTy Steam not supported on Tale of Two Wastelands

(Also posted to taleoftwowastelands, reposting here because it’s more active)
Working through the Tale of Two wastelands setup guide posted by the crew that did Viva New Vegas, but I’ve run into a bit of a hitch.
When selecting the game folders, the tale of two wastelands installer says my Fallout 3 goty version is unsupported.
I have the steam English version downloaded from within the us.
After spending a while looking online, I found two potential issues, neither of which panned out. The first was that if you got the English version from Germany, it wouldn’t be supported, but as above I’m in the us, and the second was that I might need to validate my steam fallout 3 files. I did this, and it didn’t fix the issue.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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2021.10.17 19:51 ItsSweetJP Finished up my first Ribbon Master (Gen 8)!

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2021.10.17 19:51 IceCreamSlinger2 Giratina Raid Right Now! Add 5775 9787 0782 and 3957 1528 2668

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2021.10.17 19:51 neocurio vINTTAGE HALLOWEEN RECORD

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2021.10.17 19:51 amatokid_46 Made a meme using Loki theme and it works soo well lol

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2021.10.17 19:51 AssortedCooking New quick recipe with less ingredients easy to make, quick, and so damn delicious "Crispy Veg Bites"!

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2021.10.17 19:51 Vega23al Testing out some new brushes

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2021.10.17 19:51 copyable-writer-69 seeking advice on writer’s block

I’m sure this has been posted in here a million times. But this isn’t just writer’s block in the conventional sense. My entire life revolves around writing. I’m a songwriter first and foremost, and that’s how I expend the bulk of my creative energy and that’s what is always on my mind. For a job, I write for a political consulting firm: press releases, literature/speeches/op-eds for candidates. And I majored in creative writing, my dream is to write novels or really any kind of stories for a living. I’ve noticed through the last few years that I go through great stretches of prosperous writing. Months where I will finish the album, with a surplus of songs that don’t even make the cut. I love the stories I write, I do well at the job. And then… poof… it’s gone. It feels more dramatic this time, though. Like it’s effecting my ability to think, speak, be myself. I feel like I am all or nothing and it is driving me insane. I just want to put this in here to see who can relate to this, and if anyone has any suggestions about how to snap out of it. In my experience, some ineffable recalibration just takes place and I don’t even know what I did. But when I am in these droughts, I also feel like they’ll never end, like my well of ideas has finally run dry. That’s how I feel now. Thanks for reading.
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2021.10.17 19:51 1gengabe One possible fix for the AFK and slow coin gain issues

So if you have played online you will have seen people are afking coins making everything take the max amount of time and causing issues in a race. The reason for this is because it does take a while to get the coins needed for blind boxes and races give 1st place 70 coins no matter if the track is 3 pieces long or takes 10 minutes to finish. My proposal should fix both the AFK issue and Coin issue and add more meaning to the gameplay.
The first step is turn off all collision for cars that don't move from the starting line or if they stop giving an input for 30 seconds, this will stop any AFK cars from causing issues for people who are actually racing. The second step is to give racers coins for Position, Drift Time, Boost Time, and Stunts performed in the air, you could also give coins for smooth landings as well, this gives more meaning to all the mechanics that exist in the game and will push players to race better, you could also give coins for epic crashes as well, because crashes are cool and if a car flips like 5 times in a crash it would be neat if you got a small something for that. The final step is you don't give coins to players that don't input anything, and maybe players lose coins from the amount they would get if they DNF (they can't win negative coins from a race that would be bad).
This should make earning coins easier and more enjoyable, it should remove the (IMO: Awful) coin grinding tracks, it should completely remove AFK racers, (if coins are earned from drift and boost then even the single input AFK racers would lessen), and it would give more meaning to Boosting, Drifting and doing stunts mid air. They could even give bonuses for landing perfectly and not hitting a wall during a drift, and could give a bonus for dodging hazards.
(All of this if for multiplayer single player should still give less coins though they could add some of these there as well, they could also give coins for beating records in time trails but this would be harder to do and could cause some issues.)
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2021.10.17 19:51 goodmito Goodbye

So since the subreddit is getting permanently privated this is my goodbye and remember to shop at your local Walmart
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2021.10.17 19:51 My_alt1313 True fact

I like laughing at her videos while eating my beef burritos
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2021.10.17 19:51 Tr0jAn14 What the thing you Regret spending money on?

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2021.10.17 19:51 GridZombie 🔵 🎫 All the BlueChew Coupons, Free Trials, and Sample Offers Available Online

Here are some pages i bookmarked that regularly update with the latest BlueChew coupons and free sample deals:

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2021.10.17 19:51 youngandnifty Youngandnifty, Digital, 2021

Youngandnifty, Digital, 2021
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2021.10.17 19:51 thinkingrabid Jordan shigella outbreak rises to 80, Source still not identified

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2021.10.17 19:51 Galwithshinyass What if there were no Simps?

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2021.10.17 19:51 clip_mirror_bot Spirit take the Internationals and net themselves $18 mil

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2021.10.17 19:51 swoptywop Is this a stone?

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