Gurantina raid adding 10 5747 2604 7933// 5038 1371 8194

2021.10.17 20:12 Senpai-praam Gurantina raid adding 10 5747 2604 7933// 5038 1371 8194

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2021.10.17 20:12 blackfingernailbreh Is this a sign of diabetes ?

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2021.10.17 20:12 TomBaker95 Defences Talk New Album 'In The Balance', The Return of Touring and Halloween | Defences Interview

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2021.10.17 20:12 arumteguh Yatoro just can't wait for 13 seconds to destroy the racks.

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2021.10.17 20:12 Straitboy69420 Join the best discord server
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2021.10.17 20:12 Awesomediscoguy The TOURER! (2016 Mercedes-AMG C63 Sedan)

The TOURER! (2016 Mercedes-AMG C63 Sedan) Finally, something that ISN'T a supercar!
Introducing the Tourer, a performance car which rivals even supercars, all the while seating you and three of your friends! There's a lot of supercars and hypercars in the game, and there's not many general vehicles that anyone would daily-drive, so that's why I created this car.
Using the knowledge I got from my last submission, the Ghost, I modelled a nicely detailed interior, probably the most detailed I've made. It's got 2 seats in front and 2 captain's seats in back, because who cares about the guy in the middle (yeah, not very many)? Anyways, here's some photos!
By the way, if you like what you see and wanna see this in Jailbreak, don't forgot to upvote this post!
Blender renders:
General view.
Rear general.
Processing img 146rny8fw1u71...
In Jailbreak:
In Jailbreak.
Rear in Jailbreak, featuring a strange phenomenon in the background.
Interior in Jailbreak
Seats in Jailbreak
A very nice photo.
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2021.10.17 20:12 ZoobBot 180268

This is the 180268th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.17 20:12 Ok_Tourist_3041 😳

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2021.10.17 20:12 oh_no_its_shawn Changing from ESPN to Sleeper in a keeper league

I’m moving my league from ESPN but I had keepers in that league, I know there’s a way to force add players but how can I adjust those keepers to the rounds they were drafted in so that each team doesn’t draft in that specific round
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2021.10.17 20:12 EMPIREVSREBLES Halo Reach is kicking my friend out or lagging me a lot.

So my friend finally got Halo and I wanted to play with him. The thing is he has a pretty bad PC. So every time I'm party leader it just kicks him out of the game without reason and when he is the lag is unbearable. Is there a way to get him to stay in-game or to reduce my lag?
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2021.10.17 20:12 lady--lazarus To the stranger who called me pretty,

I bet you didn't know why I was out walking yesterday. I was trying to clear my head and trying not to think about throwing myself infront of every passing car. I was wandering really, trying to let the world remind me it's worth sticking around for, and I think our brief encounter gave me a bit of hope.
I was at the crosswalk waiting for the lights to change, and then I saw you. The confidence you had in your stride alone was hard not to notice. We made eye contact, and I didn't immediately look away like I usually would when catching the gaze of a stranger. I lingered, somewhat transfixed. I had a feeling you were going to say something and you did, you said "you're really pretty" and continued walking on- totally non challant. I was so taken aback I almost forgot to say thanks. I'd tensed up, half expecting you to shout something derogatory at me. I'd expect just about anything except you're really pretty.
As someone who is cripplingly insecure about my appearance, that short comment truly meant a great deal. I can only hope to develop that kind of confidence so I could do the same and make someone else's day better.
Thank you stranger, for making my day, week, and hell- probably my month too. I'll never forget it.
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2021.10.17 20:12 Snoo-60586 Wisdom teeth

It’s been 8 days since I was out of the country and my jaw and head started hurting and then days past and my jaw was locked I could open it maybe an inch or two and I was very stressed so I said maybe I just clenched my jaw for too long. I went to an urgent care eventually because my jaw was crooked and tense all the time she told me tmj here’s a small dose of Xanax. It didn’t help I went to a dentist and she said you have severe inflammation so your jaws locked get your wisdom teeth out and you have an infection here’s penicillin. And referred me to a ortho surgeon. It’s the weekend so can’t get them out until the week but I’ve had a massive headache for 4 days the entire day. I can’t take much nsaid for the inflammation because i have severe inflammation in my stomach cause by them so they really have my in a bad state. And I’ve been applying heat/cold. Any advice as to how to ease my headache 😮‍💨? Female 19, az usa
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2021.10.17 20:12 te_ka Doctors ceased cancer treatment on mom yesterday and told my brother (with mom in the room) that she has only a few days left to live.

Things just happened so fast and unexpectedly. So when she heard the doctor tell my brother that she had a few days to live, she was in shock and I feel like she got depressed. I know there are no set rules on how doctors break this kind of news to patients, but my question is... What can I tell mom to make it better for her. How can she bounce back from this shock so that when she does pass on, her heart is not heavy.
This question/issue probably doesn't make sense, probably a stupid thing that keeps me up at night. Just putting it out there to see if someone can give advice.
I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I am in deep grief at the moment so I thought to post here.
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2021.10.17 20:12 howdy-hi-hey-hii TSH of 9.48 on 125 mg of levo

I went in for my physical (26 year old female) complaining of exhaustion and depression. Was put on an antidepressant and am on day 2 of it. She said it was likely my thyroid but my levels were normal earlier in the year, and I felt this way last year too. So.. I signed up for blood work but opted to get on antidepressants thinking I’m always told my thyroid is fine and was fine last blood draw.
I have hypothyroidism and hashimotos disease. I have been taking Levithyroxine for 15+ years. My ferritin is also low but it always is, even when TSH was/is normal.
Has anyone had a similar experience WHILE actively taking medication? I understand not knowing you have it and having this come up but it seems high for such a high dose.
I have also put on some weight but assumed it was because I’m so exhausted I go to work and then get in bed most days.
Note: I already sent a message to my doctor and am sure I will hear back tomorrow. Just worried.
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2021.10.17 20:12 OctaviaMoonOfficial Spooky season is upon us what's your thoughts about this set??

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2021.10.17 20:12 pepsimilk how many Viegos is too many? yes

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2021.10.17 20:12 Soft_Force9000 What i can do after completing the main storyline?

This game is the best far cry for me and after 30 hours i am still having same fun as when i started the game. I liberate like 95% of FND bases and chekpoints + do a lot of ambush little missions with partizants. I still have a lot of side quests to do but where i can fight with more enemies? Is there an option to reset some outposts like in fc new dawn i think? I just love to liberate them. Maybe find some random player and play on his save in coop? I don't have any friend that play far cry and english is not my native language so i think it will be hard to find some player from my country. There is option to filter the random players?
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2021.10.17 20:12 Jeriaska_ How Do We Create A New Culture?

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2021.10.17 20:12 jawkneemack Bubbah kush cbd strain outdoor

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2021.10.17 20:12 OmegaLol15 inspired.

don’t really use reddit anymore but came on nofap after giving up and saw a massive post that took me 15 mins to read about all the benefits with liek 10k upvotes. feeling revitalised let’s see you all in a year
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2021.10.17 20:12 pandora80X Sending gifts 🎁 for 3k bonus :) 6855 7439 5478

6855 7439 5478
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2021.10.17 20:12 makai_leo I love this little girl too much!

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2021.10.17 20:12 travelchili 4k Walk Japan - Odawara Castle (小田原城, Odawara-jō) [17:07]

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2021.10.17 20:12 C5Jones What's a problem a professional python coder is likely to get stuck on?

Character A is an app developer. He's working from home one day when he gets stuck on a problem for several hours. He puts it in layperson's terms and explains it to Character B, a mage.
She says, "Oh, that reminds me of one of a common problem with Magic Spell X. Whenever I run into it, I use workaround Y." He applies that general idea to the problem, and it works.
(This is a hard urban fantasy, not technically a sci-fi. I've posted about it here multiple times.)
My own coding experience consists of obsolete HTML and CSS. I'm planning on learning a little python before doing the final draft, but the book is still in it's early stages. Searching for python problems and hang-ups online, I've found a lot of hypothetical coding puzzles, but not much info on the specific problems professionals tend to run into on the job.
Does anyone have any ideas for what this one could be, and optionally, how it could be solved?
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2021.10.17 20:12 PomenB The accelerationist Madagascar is ruled by Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo. Creating LEMURIA" Here is a short story of who he was. He was a brilliant poet with next to no luck in real life.

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