Hi, I posted a cool one last time (got deleted? 😢). So here is a much less cool one. I hope everyone has a fantastic week! :D

2021.10.17 21:56 CharChar-M Hi, I posted a cool one last time (got deleted? 😢). So here is a much less cool one. I hope everyone has a fantastic week! :D

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2021.10.17 21:56 DarthTrafford Ending My Vacation With This Collection Of Dark Tales.

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2021.10.17 21:56 CostDry8887 MEOW_IRL

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2021.10.17 21:56 bappa158 Debate over atheism and more.

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2021.10.17 21:56 PrincessKelsey24601 Advice on managing temperament

Hi, I will start off by saying I know that you really shouldn’t handle your frogs, but I was wondering if there was any way to safely get them used to being handled to help alleviate aggression before they become an adult?
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2021.10.17 21:56 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - LA County wants Vanessa Bryant to take psych exam | NBC

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2021.10.17 21:56 Alexkittoephotos Hiking [Minolta X-700, 50mm f1.7, Portra 800]

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2021.10.17 21:56 infjbase 🥺

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2021.10.17 21:56 eddbeast Far cry 6 radio libertad

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2021.10.17 21:56 TheCoolMicrowave Gaming

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2021.10.17 21:56 Sure-Worth-6990 Giratina raid adding first 10 8811 5477 4313 2468 4373 9958

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2021.10.17 21:56 Evalion022 Mythic Campaign

So, I am currently running a homebrew campaign centered around The Four Horseman and the plane of Abbadon as a whole. The party will be gaining their first mythic tier at 5th level, which is coming up soon. Anyone have any tips or advice for running one that isn't just, "don't run mythic, lmao."?
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2021.10.17 21:56 Far-Reflection-386 FASHION IS NOT DEFINED BY YOUR SIZE!

So, in today’s frenetic, fast-paced world, one thing stays constant: fashion sets the tone. And when we talk about fashion, we’re talking about all of the aspects of it, whether it’s clothing, personality, internal fashion, or exterior fashion. Humans have an odd obsession with their bodily size. Body size is linked to health, mental well-being, and self-esteem. We even assign a value to people based on how big or little their bodies are at any particular time. This strange obsession with body size morphs into a sense of entitlement, with other people’s bodies being scrutinized. Read More
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2021.10.17 21:56 FlameyHotman Is there a way to get scorched earth off of the Microsoft store without buying the season pass?

I kind of want to see if there’s an option to buy the singular dlc without getting abberration or extinction for hopefully a lower price
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2021.10.17 21:56 MickerzSnickerz Russian Circles gear stolen outside Fresno, CA. Please be on the lookout for their gear.

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2021.10.17 21:56 imatson1 AMA - I couldn’t join the AMA, any news on when we will be getting an exchange listing? Thanks

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2021.10.17 21:56 Rector418 Rosicrucian Mass 10-17-21 Gnostic Church of L.V.X.

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2021.10.17 21:56 BotDefense overview for dozeameanubatt

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2021.10.17 21:56 OldGamesOldGuy - Anno 1800 - Its Sunday and that means a Sunday Special featuring Anno 1800 series dedicated to making beautiful cities. If you like decorating this series is for you. If you enjoy the video and think we are doing a good job consider subscribing.

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2021.10.17 21:56 Brooksee83 MOASS: Will it be high volume, or low? Will it be fast, or slow? Some of my thoughts.

From one of today's hot posts about days to cover, and a few comments therein, I got to thinking;
What will MOASS look like?
84 years ago in Feb, there were some original theories about MOASS probably being a weeks long affair, because of how it will be one domino falling, then slowly impacting the next in the chain and so on...
Today I saw a comment saying it will be fast, on low volume because after one big jump in price it'll halt for a short time, then hit the next big jump. So low volume in the sense of not requiring many trades, but quick because it'll jump in price very fast in one trading day.
That got me thinking as well, and my opinion is that once the price begins to rise above ATH, people will get excited that it's here. You'll see FOMO as well as potential margin calls, both fighting on the Bid side of the trade. Meanwhile the Ask side will ONLY be made up of any institutions who've hit their gain targets, and paperhands...
Now at this point paperhands are interesting, because they are likely comprised in this situation of almost entirely the FOMO crowd literally getting in at the same time. Fair to say then that they could be completely cancelled out by FOMO on the Bid.
Leaving margin calls versus institutions. Automatic process versus informed intelligence. This is important because the institutions have more information than us about what's going on (I assume).
Who gets margin called first though? Brokers that are being transferred out of don't have shares covering the positions. Either the client is already out and transferred, or the remaining clients' positions are 'fake' and will need to be closed (share bought back at market price). This means brokers are theoretically in a better position than January because back then many more 'fake' positions likely existed which would've been auto-closed by Marge.
So has DRS taken the Brokers out of the immediate line of fire? Perhaps. Is that, along with all of the 'secret ingredients' allowing this can to still be kicked? In my opinion, yes.
So what about MOASS? Well, the support price has been slowly rising. Less of the float is available to short through DRS. This Ape powered nuclear reactor is a ticking time bomb and I know there will be naysayers, but it's gonna reach a point where there will not be enough shares, dark pool or otherwise, for the HFT methods to keep the price down.
It's already on the slow burn into the atmosphere, escape velocity happens as soon as the first domino drops, which will still likely be a Broker since SHF have much more collateral.
After that first significant margin call, FOMO is on the table as well. Price increase will be chomping through the paperhand Asks and escape velocity is when we hit the first of the diamonds.
At that point, much like hitting space, I think the whole thing shifts in dynamic. It will have been a pressure cooker gaining momentum until that point, but then there will be nothing...
Just diamonds in space my frens.
Bam, one diamond Ask. Trading halt.
Ten minutes later, BAM! Next diamond ask and a trading halt.
This will keep going for as long as diamonds are the only Asks, since that's when Apes name the price.
The beautiful thing at that moment to me is that everyone will know. No FUD. When you're in space, you can't hear Cramer scream...
And even better, nobody else has a share to sell. It's just the mega-fuck-ton of shorts that need to close, on the Bid.
And with that, I bid you good night!
Buy. Hodl. Shop. DRS 🐳❤🚀😎
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2021.10.17 21:56 HypochondriaTeen Is it normal to pinch harder with your dominant hand than non dominant hand?

Like the title says, is it normal to pinch harder with my right (dominant) using only thumb and index than my left (non dominant)?
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2021.10.17 21:56 nccereal The refs have a collective iq of 15

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2021.10.17 21:56 AK-_-26 Do I qualify for this subreddit.

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2021.10.17 21:56 wurldsenpai Some Details about Upcoming Buffs/Nerfs/Adjustments

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2021.10.17 21:56 sugarpro56 Looks like something they couldve done on loiter squad

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