2021.12.01 00:19 christianlamok

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2021.12.01 00:19 Smooth-Water3386 CORRINA KOPF OF
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2021.12.01 00:19 convo_au Low bar for 'genuine consultation' set by UWA case feeds into crisis of legitimacy for Australian institutions

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2021.12.01 00:19 SubstantialScar6902 Is Floyd Mayweather a sociopath?

He always makes things about himself when he's interviewed about another all-time boxer and he puts himself next to Muhammad Ali for the best of all time, not to discredit his consistent wins in his professional career. It's just bizarre. Could this be a medical thing or just his environment growing up?
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2021.12.01 00:19 SnowyyPiranha It's that time of year again!

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2021.12.01 00:19 Ghost_Alert [US-OH] [H] M65-B Milk bundle, PC Canoe 65 [W] PayPal

Time stamp:
Rama M65 bundle: $1k Board was put together but never used, fully functional and comes with:
Internal weight, extra polycarbonate bottom, unused pcb (solder), all the original packaging
PC Canoe 65: $290 Hotswap pcb (hotswap sockets), original packaging and extra hardware
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2021.12.01 00:19 Useful_Race_4452 Things to do in Rome over Christmas/ New Years as a 20 year old?

Looking for architectural, cultural and art aspects of course— but also best nightlife scenes, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. First time visiting!
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2021.12.01 00:19 cxrlo help finding “3 bars in the right corner” on a listing

I messaged a seller about chest/length measurements about a week and they haven’t gotten back to me yet. I know they’re active because they just updated their bio for cyber monday. So Im assuming they’re not messaging me because the specifics are probably in a really obvious place. Can anyone help 😭
Bio says: “Item specifics are the three bars in the right corner”
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2021.12.01 00:19 VampMoneyy can i still be an incel if i don’t hate women?

i like women a lot and i’m happy with my sex life but can i still be apart of the community?
it seems like a chill subculture i rlly like the funny frog memes lmaoo 😂 and their movie taste goes hard .. like joker, fight club, american psycho, taxi driver ?? all classic movies imo. especially joker bc i always thought he was funny
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2021.12.01 00:19 BabyBipdoe Is it possible to see the brew count on a Breville barista pro?

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2021.12.01 00:19 ihaveatheme This email I received from my burglar alarm company reminding me of their sale. They format their actual system alerts/alarms the exact same way.

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2021.12.01 00:19 opusupo Newly identified sulfur compounds in cannabis flowers give the plant its telltale funky odor

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2021.12.01 00:19 No9_i I’m trying to order ?? Wats with sugar goo

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2021.12.01 00:19 RedPenguPog well people don’t seem to like this update :/

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2021.12.01 00:19 El_Matadurr Stonefist Hermitaur G1-EX!

Hello again! If any GU players want to hop into our server we are running the G rank Stonefist Hermitaur quests, ending with the EX version of BIG. MEATY. CLAWS.
Please do not solicit me with Discord server invites, I already own and run a server.
Hub details:
Two Great Swords currently in, one valor, one aerial. Join if you’d like! We’ll be here another few hours.
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2021.12.01 00:19 snapekillshansolo Govern yourselves accordingly…

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2021.12.01 00:19 aspiringdental dandruff problem with trich as a teen

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2021.12.01 00:19 parameterinfamou_s Amanda Nicole fucking a big dick . New porntape leak !

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2021.12.01 00:19 every1ItriedWastaken Looking for someone to help me build or just chill on my survival world male 15

I have a survival world but I'm not very good at building so I don't really have much on the world so i need help building some stuff or just to chill
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2021.12.01 00:19 Cloud_Meadowfields Can you help me identify these stones

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2021.12.01 00:19 LazyLightning32191 Wallet Trick

Keep an extra Band-Aid and stamps in your wallet
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2021.12.01 00:19 Dandeeks Money farming in world 1

Hello, I would like to ask if there's any better way to get money and/or exp then farming stickbugs My best character is a level 32 Warrior.
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2021.12.01 00:19 SlapsgivingMiracle Come and ask me just about anything!

Let me give you a glimpse inside the mind of your constantly depressed teenager.
Hint, it’s mostly food and our eventual demise.
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2021.12.01 00:19 DJ_Rhoomba Is it that hard to ask for a vehicle respawn timer?

If you remember back to Battlefield Hardline, one of the most incredible features that was added to the game, was the vehicle spawn system included a timer that would indicate when a vehicle would be available after being destroyed. It allowed you, the player, to make a conscious decision each time you needed to spawn as to if a vehicle was about to be available, and whether to wait in the spawn menu or not.
This was in Hardline. And we are many years later. Is it that hard to ask for a visible timer in the UI so we aren’t waiting around and guessing every time!?
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2021.12.01 00:19 thoughts57 Drawingpractice - construction

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