Thanksgiving weekend football

2021.11.30 23:35 JollyGiraffe397 Thanksgiving weekend football

I dont know if this is just me but this is the first time that I have seen two different games of the same week have the same score (Texans 14 vs. 21 Jets and Falcons 21 vs. 14 Jaguars). I also know that this score is very easy to make but I think that it is still cool!
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2021.11.30 23:35 jellyfish630 Iwtl how to debate, and properly form an argument without running into roadblocks

Any tips?
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2021.11.30 23:35 zeshred Is BuffGreens2 legit

Saw a buncha cards around the library with their snap handle.
I’m tryna get an eighth and my plug is dead, so I hit him up but dude has like 100 snapscore and no pics. Idk them.
Anyone bought from them?
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2021.11.30 23:35 devsidev Lemon Lime Philodendron leaves are not unfurling.

Lemon Lime Philodendron leaves are not unfurling. Hey everyone!
Just joined you guys! As a newly minted plant dad, I've been finding looking after my Lemon Lime Philodendron a bit of a chore! It "seems" healthy, and I have a Golden Pothos next to it thats doing really well. The Pothos is still putting out decent sized leaves, and they grow and unfurl within 2 weeks usually. Unfurling happens very quick once its started. However my Philo (which i'm treating almost exactly the same) is just not growing very well. Im on my second set of leaves that are just not unfurling. The previous set of leaves all grew around the same time, but stayed curled up for 3 weeks, to the point that the edges all started to go a brown color, and the leaf unfurled looking a bit smaller and damaged. I started giving a daily misting to the leaves to see if that helped with the unfurling, and it did seem to work, but I'm not convinced that was what actually helped unfurl.
What could I be doing wrong? I'm hoping this next set of leaves unfurls soon otherwise they're going to be in for the same fate! The orange arrow points to the sole remaining leaf that I think is healthy enough to keep it on the plant. The edges are an orange color which you can't see that well in the image.
Lemon Lime Philodendron. Circled are the new leaves. Arrow points to one leaf that didn't open for 3 weeks.
My healthy Golden Pothos. Just off to the right is my Philo, on the same shelf.
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2021.11.30 23:35 Asapxdwill What’s a unusual super power that’s actually over powered?

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2021.11.30 23:35 ayshaart [ for hire] commissions open , icon portrait fpr only 30 usd, BLACK FRIDAY

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2021.11.30 23:35 Mirabarkk Stuck on "Help Us Confirm You Own This Account"

Stuck on So basically I just logged on again after probably about a year. I wanted to change my username however I couldn't because I didn't have an email or phone verified. When I tried to send a code through email it didn't work, so I decided to try through text. That didn't send me anything and I've probably clicked on it 10+ times periodically. I'm not able to exit off this screen (first picture) now, nor am I able to confirm it's me since it won't text me anything. I believe what caused this could have been both the email and the phone number that I was trying to use are registered for different accounts, however I disabled both of the accounts using them. Now the issue might be that this phone number is used for a different account, however I am unable to change it. Also I've tried pressing "forgot password" (showed in last picture).
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2021.11.30 23:35 ALokalRedditUser An interesting title

I'm gonna draw a cookie in human form- (BC I SUCK-) Which cookie? Please don't pick cookies with like- 1 billion accessories- (Example- Pure-)
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2021.11.30 23:35 FamSquadSquadFam BTS Survey for ARMYs - Anonymous!

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2021.11.30 23:35 mjmannella Video on the Asiatic Black Bear in Zoo Tycoon 2

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2021.11.30 23:35 milo-louis [Artist] looking for work and open for commissions

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2021.11.30 23:35 alanlally Does this sound like I got the job?

Heard back from the hiring manager last week and he said it is taking longer than expected for him to connect with HR, which is why I haven’t heard from him. Does this sound like an imminent job offer? Trying not to get my hopes up TOO much.
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2021.11.30 23:35 Catarifrangente Koga pre wrestling training vs Sekibayashi (Barred from touching Koga)

Seki can't hit Koga in any way he can only tank his hits and the only source of damage he can deal is by making Koga's strikes hurt him due to seki's damage manipulation skill
View Poll
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2021.11.30 23:35 MrFrumps Finally visited Orison for the first time

I avoid the major landing zones like the plague but tonight I finally felt up to visiting Orison and I was really taken aback by how immersive and beautiful it was. Its been a long time since I've visited the other landing zones so maybe I'm biased but Orison feels so much more alive and detailed than the other cities. Cousin crows is the coolest and most interesting location I've visited in a game in a long time. On the way there I saw a cargo truck taking a container to a crane that loaded it onto a stack of other containers which was really cool. Definitely worth the visit!
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2021.11.30 23:35 TeeJayOnYouTube CRAB GAME ON THE CASE GRIND!!

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2021.11.30 23:35 bluexkoolaid "Reach Pilot" pack doesn't even include the pilot helmet

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2021.11.30 23:35 Regular-Reserve3075 CF: Lomad x Monika

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2021.11.30 23:35 BlankSmitty Common Nonsense - "Somewhere Between Grey and Gold" Official Music Video [Michigan - Post-Hardcore/Rock/Indie]

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2021.11.30 23:35 jmohgfghfgjh 💎 PolkaGo 💰 - 3x from presale up - 600 BNBs sold out in 8 minutes | JayAlvarrez + 10 models already posted Instagram stories | Tokens going up hard, holders accumulating | Experienced marketing team | Double Reward token + Lottery | Big things happening soon | Live today on Pancake, dont miss it

🔴PolkaGO⚪️ - 600 BNB Hardcap filled in 8 minutes. Tonight we list on Pancake - if you missed the presale, definitely check out the launch.
In our Telegram, we've got Lambos and Hot models!
Launching on Pancake swap tonight: 8 PM UTC.
This project will have real LA models promoting us, buying into the token, as well as sitting in our Telegram chat -- Come talk a look :)
Audited by Dessert Finance, official audit is on their website.
View it here:
What is PolkaGo?
Buy tax is programmed to give you PolkaDot rewards to hodlers, while the sell tax is programmed to give you PolkaGo rewards.
In the past, dual reward tokens were always gas intensive, and we have solved that problem by simply programming each single reward to either a buy or a sell.
This token will also charge 1% lottery buy and sell tax in order to distribute the big win to 1 lucky holder. With the volume that we are aiming to achieve, it can be a prize of 30-50k USD every single week. All you need to do to qualify is to a be a holder of PolkaGO coins, and to have a little luck on your side!
We have implemented an anti bot + anti whale system. Maximum wallet is 7.5 million tokens. which is only 0.075% of the total supply. No whales will be crashing this PolkaGo party
The project is also planning to launch it's own set of NFTs. Stay tuned to find out more info about it soon.
Wen Launch Pancake?
November 30th, 8 PM UTC.
Enough about the token, what kind of marketing are you planning to do?

All in all, this token is aimed at creating extremely high buying pressure as soon as it launches. Do join our telegram group in order to keep up with the latest updates.
Instagram: PolkaGo_BSC
Fomotion video:
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2021.11.30 23:35 Hesanka_99 🙂💔

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2021.11.30 23:35 R7XER help plz

I have a friend who got arma 3 not to long ago, they tell me theres no launcher and when she opens the game it takes her right to the game, and not the launcher?
This never happend to me, is there a way to fix this?
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2021.11.30 23:35 Miss6517 I think it’s flattering

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2021.11.30 23:35 Yz6xi Just started talking recently but its her birthday on Thursday

Okay so This might be the wrong sub reddit but help plz lmao. I recently started talking to this girl and its only been like 2 ish weeks since we started talking but i do actually really like her and its her birthday on Thursday. I want to ask her out on another date for tomorrow since she’s probably doing something on her actual birthday, but Im wondering if 1. Its normal to get her something when we kind of just met or should i just ask her on that date and 2. If I should get her a little something, what would be something nice to get her but not too like serious since again we just started talking not very long ago and i dont wanna seem like a weirdo looool.
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2021.11.30 23:35 hsn4560 Queensland Fruit Fly with stacking method, details in comments

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2021.11.30 23:35 bcstoner Got to play on the field for a couple of hours this afternoon.

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