Real account hacks!

2021.12.01 00:02 knowledgeableSoul Real account hacks!

Ever needed an account hacked legitimately? My server is the right place, doesn't involve phishing/smishing, my services utilize actually vulnerabilities found on snapcphat. My server includes proof, vouches and free hacking resources to up your own game. Join today! Don't waste my time please.
vu.frpME - Shortened Discord Link. Join my Server today!
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2021.12.01 00:02 Tanbigstick Young Ryu Hayabusa

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2021.12.01 00:02 ChocolateTsar Sacramento Republic FC is looking for a Videographer/Editor! (I am not affiliated, just sharing (saw on LinkedIn) as I'm sure some sport fan would love to apply for this opportunity).

Sacramento Republic FC is looking for a VideographeEditor! (I am not affiliated, just sharing (saw on LinkedIn) as I'm sure some sport fan would love to apply for this opportunity). submitted by ChocolateTsar to Sacramento [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 00:02 c4ptainbri does anyone know where i can read “things have gotten worse since we last spoke” online for free?

i can’t find it anywhere!!!
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hii, hello imm susannnn! Buh you can calll me suu or suzy or suusuu or smthn! Im a hs senior livin in new york city and im also chinese (so thats eggciting). I'm roughly 5'7 so imm tall 😎 (I like to brag abt my height a bit bcuz heh tall) and leaning towards the curvier chuubby side of the spectrum (><). Im kinda a goth egirl buh my parents hate the aesthetic so im technically not allowed to wear it lmaoo. Once im 18 tho, i plan on gettin pierced and tatted out because theyre sooo frickin kewl ahdgskagsjdhakjfhas. Im also a bisexual who uses she/they pronouns (IK virtually no ones gna call me they/them). Also ive been told imm quite the lil ball of energy most days so hopefully you can match my energy! Ive been told my personality can go from like bro/bully teasing kind of way to golden retriever like. My humors kind of all over the place, sumtimes it can go from stupid puns that i hate to like making fun of politicians to laughing at dick jokes like an 11 y/o. If you wanna know anything else about me, just let me know and always feel fre to ask!
Im into mangas/manhwas (my favorite mangas are horropsychological or isekai and my favorite manhwas are isekai and action/historical), altho i havent been keeping up with em recently. i like to play games (Mainly minecraft with sumone, or league if you can deal with an awful beginner support, and switch game). I like to listen to music (Ik very general and super basic) so imm always down for sum music reccs! And yea, if u wna know anythin else, jus lmk!
what i can provide as your friendo! - gm/gn texts - lots of attentions - vid/voice calls :33 - a shoulder to cry on and sumone to rant to - an idiot to make you laugh (hopefully) - an idiot thatll probably bully or tease you (i will definitely call u stinky tho) - and random pics/vids and voice memos on snaps - ( and sumone to make u rage at how bad they are at supporting you if you play league lol)
what imm lookin for! - sumone to provide the same energy - sumone whos up for voice calls - sumone i can rant to and give as much care as i do - an idiot who knows how to tease back lmaoo - sumone who i can jus genuinely click and hav fun with - ( and maybe a good adc to carry my ass and guide me in league lol)
hopefully this was enough to make you interested or at least semi interested! I will send a pic to verify am girl and not catfish lol, or you can jus check my profile pic,buh i also request that youu send a picture of yourself too! So hmuu! Say hiii, hello, nihao, hola, anythinggg, and a lil introduction of yourself! OH AND WARNING I DO SAY I LOVE YOU TO MY FRIENDS!!!!!
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2021.12.01 00:02 Scoffed-Gherkin “Nazgûl” = “Nazi ghoul”

I know Tolkien hated allegory, but it seems a bit on the nose for it not to be the case.
Please feel free to present any contradictory evidence.
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2021.12.01 00:02 CricketMatchBot Match Thread: 2nd Test - Sri Lanka vs West Indies, Day 3

2nd Test - Sri Lanka vs West Indies, Day 3
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2021.12.01 00:02 Chumbawumboy Anyone have any tips on getting bigger leaves on pink princess? All my leaves are coming out around the same size

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2021.12.01 00:02 funnygiggleman How to get rainbow diamonds

Rayleigh is currently in the pulls and he is one of my favorite characters. I am really struggling to get diamonds. What are the best f2p rainbow diamond methods?
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2021.12.01 00:02 Danni293 Can't figure out why certain walls are using the sky color instead of a texture.

Getting a weird glitch in windhelm and with certain nordic ruins objects where there's no texture, it's just a flat color mirroring the average color of the sky and slightly reflective. I tracked down what texture the wall is using and I don't see any issues with the texture itself, nor is anything overwriting it. I turned my ENB on and off and it didn't do anything except change the color of the sky and therefore the wall. I installed new textures to see if that fixed it and it didn't. I'm at my wits end, it really pulls me out of the game to walk up to windhelm and get bombarded by flat, sky-colored walls that reflect the landscape around it but not any buildings or trees.
Here are images with ENB on and off:
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2021.12.01 00:02 Jameson2236 Low testosterone at 19. Questions about TRT

So I’ve felt like I’ve had low testosterone throughout my puberty years up to now because of gyno, depression and other issues. I just recently got tested and my testosterone levels are almost zero (looking into pituitary issues.) Even with my low test I grow a small amount of facial hair, does that mean it will grow a lot more with trt? What other effects might I have? My total test is 39 ng/dL
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2021.12.01 00:02 Far_Definition6375 pour activision

bonjour je vous le dit pour la 1er fois et je sait ne pas êtres le seul la triche sur warzone et cold Wars son énorme donc voila après le lancement de votre anti tchit ricochet si cela continue a êtres le cas je jure de ne plus dépenser un euro sur votre jeux et demander a toutes la communauté call of de faire de mêmes donc je vous demande de ne pas faire que de les bloquer comme vous dites le faire mes de faire comme Sony Playstation de les bloquer sur leur adresse ip pour que leur console ne puisse plus jamais accéder aux jeux la vous cerez un peux plus respectueux des personne comme moi qui ne triche pas et qui paie plusieurs paks de jeux par moi et qui reste aussi nul que des grosse merde face a ces tricheurs donc tu triche ta plus accès au jeux avec ta console ces simples parsqu il peuve ce recrée un compte et revenir si warzone n est plus accessible a leur console je pence pas qu' ils ce rachèterons une console a chaque bannissements a moins que sa vous arrange et j ai vu que tous les joueur que je bloc sur warzone ou cold wars ne son même pas bloquer vu que je les retrouve sur ma partie suivante donc Sony Playstation bloc les Playstation pirater depuis leur adresse ip et elle ne peuve même plus ce connecter a internet ces arriver a un amie maintenant sa console lui sert de dvd ou de lecteur de musique il ne peut même pas la revendre personne ne veut une console de ce genre mes avec les ressource que vous avez et l argent que lon vous donne sur ce jeux plutôt que de ce ricocher que vous allez installer et que vos technicien en revende les faille a des acheteur frauduleux pour le contourner Ya plus simple bloquer leur console tu triche et bien ta console ne poura plus jamais télécharger aucun call of ni warzone va jouer Batman Playmobil ces tous ils ne mérite que sa merci
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2021.12.01 00:02 LennyLouLou Is this a thing with male collies? 😱 We're looking to add a male to our family in about a year.

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2021.12.01 00:02 J_is_for_jail Trial day 1 (jury selection) recap, Nov 30. ***** if you are going to use my info on other sources, at least credit me. You know who you are******

7:50 am: jurors are in line outside of courthouse. They are waiting to get temp scanned and fill out a Covid survey form. Photographers are already out here.
8:25 am: I arrived on the 4th floor in the overflow courtroom. No one was allowed in the courtroom except council, defendant and potential jurors. They told me to go to 2nd floor, but no one was there. So I went up to the 5th floor to ask where overflow courtroom was. I was able to see the courtroom where the trial will be. Then I made way down to the 4th floor.
8:45 am: there are about 13 people in overflow courtroom where there is audio only. There is 1 sketch artist, 3 law students, 7 local and national reporters, one unknown and me. Everyone is very friendly and helped pass the time during dead times today. I am greatful for their kindness and friendship today!
8:50 am: jury instructions start by judge. He takes roll call. 52 out of 60 jurors reported this morning. Judge explains that they have been summoned from 9 surrounding counties for this federal trial. Judge gives a little civics lesson about the jury process. Judge explains jury selection process could take well into 2 days. Some jurors seem shocked as they didn't know what trial they were coming for and how long they would be here (one juror asked about picking kids up from school, etc)
9:45?? (No clock in room, no phones to check times): judge starts selection process. Starts a series of questions:
1: Judge introduces the prosecution. Judge asks if any of the jurors know any of the 3 prosecutors. Juror 17 went to law school with Carly Marshall. Lots of questions asked. We believe Juror 17 was dismissed after the mike was off for discussion.
2: Judge says that HSI agent Howard A. Cook will be sitting for trial, and asks if anyone knows him. (A- no)
3: Judge asks about the court clerk (A: no)
4: Anyone work for gov't, have contract w/gov't, etc (A: some said yes, but nothing important here)
5: Judge asks about any negative views of the government. Juror 2 says doesn't trust government, and he is dismissed.
6: Judge ask if anyone knows Josh Duggar. Juror 7 rises and says his daughter is married to a Duggar son. Judge dismissed Juror 7.
7: Judge introduces defense and asks if anyone knows any of the 3 lawyers. Juror 56 knows Travis Story as she worked at her church, Cross Church in Springdale, and so did Travis. Not sure if she was dismissed or not. Says she could remain unbiased.
8: Judge outlined the charges and asked if anyone had any knowledge of the case. No one stood up.
9: Judge reads lists of potential witnesses 5 at a time, asking jurors to stand if they know anyone and then explain who and why. (Im not going to list all potential witnesses. Some might not get called, and I don't want to drag their name into this if they aren't testifying. Notable witnesses are: lots of HSI investigators and computer experts, Jim Holt, Bobye Holt, Jill Dillard, Jed Duggar, Randall Barry (sp? Josh's former employee), Robert Franklin (was in jail when defense tried to blame him), William Mize, Joshua William, Caleb Williams. (NO Jim bob duggar!)
No juror really had conflict enough to be dismissed.
10: judge asks about other conflicts. Juror 39 is excused for surgery, Juror 4 excused for medical procedure. Other jurors say conflicts with meetings or dentist appointments. Judge pretty much says to reschedule.
11: judge asks about experience in courtroom. This is pretty anticlimactic. Some have served on civil trial juries, etc, but none have been a foreperso of a jury.
12: judge asks if anyone has experienced sexual assault or have close family that has. 7 jurors stand (3males, 4 females?) Judge says more questions will be asked privately in his chambers later.
Morning break from 11:10-11:30ish?
12: Judge asks about jurors exposure to Josh or Duggar family. Asks jurors to stand if they know of but are NOT REALLY FAMILIAR with josh Duggar. 14 jurors stand.
13: Judge asks all jurors to stand if they are familiar with Duggar from TV, and asks how many episodes they have watched. 28 stand, and most say they have seen 1-3 eposodes ever. No one says this will bias their opinion of facts.
14: judge repeats question, but about social media this time. More of the same. Lots stand, no one admits to reading more than one thing about Duggars on SM except Juror 34 who reads Reddit subs. 🤣🤣🤣Pretty sure he was dismissed later. Same question asked about news, both on Tv and in print.
15: judge makes it clear that knowing of Duggars or watching them on tv doesn't disqualify them. But, having a positive or negative feeling about the Duggars would be a conflict of interest. All jurors say that they can be unbiased. (Lots of questions asked, but not bombshells, so I'm skipping)
16: Judge explains that CSAM images will be shown and asks if any jurors couldn't handle it. Shockingly, no one stands.
1:20- 10 min break.
1:30: Carly Marshall for the prosecution asks questions. Asks what favorite theircrime shows are, asks about ability to judge credibility and ability to "keep common sense hat on". More questions about viewing CSAM, the law and punishment of it. Asks specific jurors questions, but nothing of note.
1:50: Justin Gelfand for defense asks questions. Does anyone have a small business? What is the hardest part of having employees? Random answers, nothinG exciting. He asks some jurors specific questions, mostly about computer knowledge and tech experience. He asks about car sales and if anyone has sold cars. Random, non -exciting answers given. Asks about law experience, prior jury service.
2:15ish: Judge announces that 17 jurors willl now be asked questions about sexual assault answers, other sensitive topics, etc, in his chambers. Audio goes off. I go to lunch. The jurors have NOT gotten a lunch break all day! They have only had snacks.
Nothing happens (no audio) until 6:05 when it is announced that jury has been selected. 12 jurors, 4 alternates. No juror numbers were given. Trial starts at 8:30 tomorrow.
Zero questions about religion. I'm shook!
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2021.12.01 00:02 luchogb21 Caroline Brown KPRC

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2021.12.01 00:02 tsagdiyev What’s a thing that should be taught in schools but isn’t?

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2021.12.01 00:02 Prestigious_Cow_5616 Strange "ok.log" file appeared on my Desktop after last Valorant Patch

So I just downloaded the latest small patch on Valorant and started playing as usual, I then alt tabbed and noticed an "ok.log" file on my Desktop and opened it (thought I might have created that by mistake or to remember something later) but it was empty. I instantly Restored my PC to one day before scared that I had been infected with some ransomware or something. Everything was looking fine until I patched Valorant again and it created the "ok.log" literally after I updated. Did this happen to anyone else and if so is it safe?
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2021.12.01 00:02 Th3m0rpher I've been trying to get this for like an hour can I get some help I can't use the speed boost in the air I already have everything up to the screw attack

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2021.12.01 00:02 ickda As a harsh critic of capitalism, i found this rather entertaining support of my politics and economyv
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2021.12.01 00:02 throwaway279914 75 FTM to a holder when we reach 100 mints‼️Currently at 83 so hold your pixel art Degen ducks and accumulate more to increase your odds of winning 🏅 Mint cost is 10 fantom 💎 Link in comments

75 FTM to a holder when we reach 100 mints‼️Currently at 83 so hold your pixel art Degen ducks and accumulate more to increase your odds of winning 🏅 Mint cost is 10 fantom 💎 Link in comments submitted by throwaway279914 to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 00:02 konakazi "New Year, New Show"? If true, who would you rather see take the reigns?

With the year winding down, the gossip rags are saying that Wendy won't return:

An announcement is expected to be made in January, with the idea of a "new year, new show."
It sounds like the network's favorite is Leah Remini and possibly the people's favorite so far is Sherri Shepherd.
If Wendy does step away due to her health, who would you rather see take the show in a new direction?

View Poll
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2021.12.01 00:02 sahil_pagi_yt another eden tales from the east part 3 chapter 67 the church lost in time a final smile

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2021.12.01 00:02 fellow-neighbour Omegle bein Omegle...

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2021.12.01 00:02 AveragePocky 211201[📷] ATEEZ ZERO : FEVER EPILOGUE 야간비행(Turbulence) Concept Photo MINGI, SAN

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2021.12.01 00:02 calebjoycemusic Curious about peoples throughts on synth youtubers selling NFTs?

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